Audio Visual and Video Conferencing For Long-Term Comms Strategies

In recent times, the focus on the use of Audio Visual and Video Conferencing solutions was very much centered around the need to unite a dispersed workforce, creating frictionless communication channels that brought people together and supported a productive working day.

There is no doubt that in the short term, the introduction of AV and VC solutions has been critical to the success of a remote workforce. As the shift moves from remote to hybrid, these communications tools remain central to the operations for many companies, but it also highlights the importance of Audio Visual and Video Conferencing as part of a long-term communications strategy.

Whilst the pandemic has presented many challenges to business operations, it also created a situation that caused companies of every size to rethink how they shaped their days; was business travel vital?  Can a business operate without ‘in person’ face-to-face meetings? Rethinking the working week to give back to our employees and create more balance in their lives? Can we operate in a more efficient manner without negatively affecting our business?

In short, the answer is YES!

The pandemic has forced us to rethink how we do business and has also encouraged us to adopt approaches that we might have previously chosen to ignore or overlook.

To succeed in business, we must all succeed in communication.

Whilst Audio and Video will always be the key to uniting people in different locations, technology has really proven to be key to changing how we work in the long term. By integrating the use of smart communications technology into our day-to-day – time is better managed by removing unnecessary travel to and from meetings. The physical location of individuals no longer needs to slow down conversations or projects.  The ability to instantly have a face-to-face, albeit virtually, adds so many benefits to the progress of the business.

Working closely with our clients, we have been integrating a range of solutions, each chosen for the synergy with the needs of the company and the space in which it will be deployed.  For example, technology such as the Yealink All in One USB Video Bar is the perfect solution for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces thanks to it’s plug and play capability. The Yealink MVC840 can be installed in a larger meeting room/boardroom meaning communication and collaboration in larger meetings is seamless.

Bring your own device (BYOD) extenders are a valuable tool for transforming Microsoft Team Rooms (MTR) into multi-functional conference rooms, merging different video platforms. Wireless presentation PODs offer one-click presentation via integrated wi-fi plug and play technology without the need for cables or complicated setups.  For medium and larger-sized meeting rooms, the technologies deployed are designed to track speakers both via the microphone and the AI-powered camera ensuring quality is never lost and the importance of the meeting, never compromised.

Our range of AV and VC hardware and technology meet the needs of a multitude of video platform technologies ensuring further flexibility and a wide range of options.

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