Bizquip partner with PrintReleaf in ongoing commitment to sustainability

As part of our ongoing effort to become a net-zero company, Bizquip is delighted to announce a new partnership with PrintReleaf.  Net-zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Our commitment to reaching net-zero when the amount we add is no more than the amount taken away.

PrintReleaf automatically converts your paper footprint into actual trees and we ourselves at Bizquip have committed to reforesting a minimum of 120 trees per month in Ireland.

In addition to our own commitment to offsetting our paper use to support reforestation projects, we are also delighted to also partner with PrintReleaf as an Authorised Channel Partner to offer this service to clients and any organisation throughout Ireland who wish to make a positive impact on the environment by offsetting their print and paper usage by planting trees.

Printing is often a necessary requirement and having the ability to certifiably commit to reforesting exactly what is printed is something we are very proud to be able to offer in partnership with PrintReleaf.


How it works

Bizquip monitors all of our clients’ networked print hardware using our remote monitoring tool, Bizvision. Bizvision is a service we offer to all our clients which monitors all networked printers, MFDs, and photocopiers providing us with real-time access to the status of toner levels, meter readings, and print volumes.

This simple but effective tool allows our technical support team to automatically monitor errors, send toner when levels are low, monitor print volumes, and any software update requirements which ensures maximum uptime.

By simply incorporating PrintReleaf into your existing print environment through Bizquip you can actively and seamlessly improve your company’s commitment to sustainability.

Bizquip and Printreleaf use paper consumption totals based on print volumes from the information collected to calculate paper footprint which is then converted into a specific and verified number of trees, with no manual input needed from our clients.

These numbers are then turned directly into reforestation projects around the world. We have chosen Ireland as it is our home, but it can be split across various countries and locations – all verified by international bodies, in the case of PrintReleaf, by SGS International.

To further endorse your commitment to sustainability through reforestation, PrintReleaf provides certifications and reports in relation to the reforestation programmes as well as their own personalised dashboard to view the number of trees reforested.

With very little setup and minimal costs, you can be safe in the knowledge that any time you or your organisation click print, you are contributing to the reforestation of the planet.

What next?

Speak to our team about how you can take steps to join Bizquip and become part of PrintReleaf and take a very important step towards global reforestation.

You print one.

We’ll plant one.

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