Bizquip Develops Digital Solution for Leman Solicitors

One of the many challenges faced by the legal sector is managing and keeping on top of process-heavy documentation, compliance and security. Traditional methods simply can’t deal with the volume of data requiring management and organisation. This is where digitalisation comes in.

Whilst many other sectors have adopted digitisation quickly, the legal profession has moved at a slower pace in adopting the use of technology to drive efficiencies and improve client experiences.

Leman Solicitors however is bucking the trend and their ethos is one of innovation. Even a cursory look at the Leman website suggests to the visitor to “expect something different”. Larry Fenelon, Managing Partner and has set about driving change from the inside out. When asked about his paperless office strategy Larry said “The legal profession is weighed down by paper which represents the continuation of age-old practice and tradition. Solicitors are a deeply conservative and fearful bunch that hold dear to the status quo. When considering paperless, most solicitors fear that the computer or server will fail. Fear that the client may ask for an original file. Fear that the Court may insist on an original. Fear that barristers will not accept e-briefs. Fear that other solicitors will not accept electronic signatures even though this is enshrined in legislation for 15 years, fear of conveyancers and that e-conveyancing will never happen. In Leman Solicitors we are not ruled by this fear. We have overcome all of these challenges and have developed a paperless strategy that works.”

Having acquired ISO 9001 (quality management systems) and ISO 27001 accreditation (information security), which means, Leman run their business according to the highest international standards.

The Challenge 

Leman Solicitors wanted to find a way of transitioning to a fully digital workplace. Changing work practices requires a strategy and Larry knew he needed a phased approach. In addition to introducing a number of measures such as dual and triple monitors for their solicitors which helped to mitigate against the need to print reference material, Larry also set up a number of procedures to include offsite storage for deeds, scanning all documents and post daily and developing an e-brief protocol. To further drive the change Larry wanted to find a way to change printing behaviours in house and drive a phased reduction in physical printing carried out onsite. Larry wanted to cap office printing to ensure that printers would only be used when absolutely necessary or in a situation outside of their control such as where physical documents are required by the court.

The Solution 

The Bizquip solutions team observed;

“As a long standing partner of Lemans we were delighted to get involved. Utilising our software, we set about exploring a technical solution to the problem. We knew Larry wanted to set printing caps but we needed to ensure it was easy to manage day to day for the client. Our implemented solution allowed print monitoring and secure follow-you printing. Most importantly the solution allowed Leman Solicitors to allocate a monthly printing volume and adjust it. Depending on the user type and requirements different printing levels were then set.

The other challenge was to allow for the inevitable exception. Rather than adjusting the monthly cap of users and undermining the overall strategy that Larry had in place, we needed to find a permission-based solution that would grant allocation for specific jobs.

It took some thought and Bizquip’s Dave Stevens one of Ireland’s leading print management software engineers developed a new solution where administration could simply allocate the extra prints without the need to effect the monthly printing caps”

Larry Fenelon said “This measure has taken us one step closer to a completely paperless office. We have further reduced printing in the office by 75% and I am confident that through this solution, our printers are only being used when absolutely necessary. I would recommend Bizquip to any organisation that is considering a move towards a paperless office.”

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