Clerkenwell Design Week – Office Trends

Our interiors team travelled to the renowned Clerkenwell Design Week in London to observe the key office trends emerging for the rest of the year and into 2019.


Indoor plants. Bring the outside in with greenery and florals to keep your office feeling fresh. Keeping plants in the office is known to reduce stress, increase productivity, and even boost creativity.

Clerkenwell Design Week

Black Metal 

Elegant and rustic all the same, black metal chairs, desks, and shelving keep things functional while adding a touch of contrast. Black gives any space depth, which can stimulate creativity and idea generation.

Clerkenwell Design Week

Fine Metal Frames 

Minimalism is the name of the game these days, and fine metal frames on tables, chairs, lamps and stools are sleek and on-trend. Stripping away the bulk and excess make spaces feel more organised and streamlined.

Clerkenwell Design Week

Room Dividers

In the era of open concept spaces, clever room dividers can help give purpose and distinction to the spaces in your office. Use shelves, racks and storage to maximise efficiency while keeping your spaces purposeful.

Clerkenwell Design Week

Splayed Leg Detail 

Splayed legs on tables and chairs is an old innovation that has made a comeback in recent years. Splayed legs are efficient and interesting and can give your space a stylish element that blends Eastern and Western aesthetics.


Noisy offices have higher rates of absenteeism. Maximise employee comfort and productivity by addressing the acoustics in your office. Use stylish panels and hangings to add a funky, interesting touch.

Clerkenwell Design Week


More than just a trend, resimercial design is all about bringing a homey, comfortable feel into the workplace. It can keep your employees engaged and focused, increasing productivity and creativity while simultaneously reducing absenteeism.

Clerkenwell Design Week
Clerkenwell Design Week

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