Creating the Perfect Cozy Reading Nook at Home

Amstelle armchair By Swedese

Why Do We Need Our Own Dedicated Reading Corner?

Working from home means that we are swapping our commute for hours in front of our computers. Therefore, now more than ever we owe it to ourselves in these busy and turbulent seasons, to find some responsibility-free time for ourselves to slow down and focus on some vital self-care.

Easier said than done, we know! But self-care and time out is something we all need to learn to incorporate into our day ( not our week, our day). With a dedicated space to allow this time, be it to indulge in a gripping thriller, pour over cookbooks for your weekend brunch plans,  re-read issues of your favourite glossies or even to switch off and listen to podcasts, your curated reading nook will remind you to take time out for you.  This will encourage you to slow down and relieve the stress of your hectic schedule.

Curling up on your couch with your favourite throw is always a pure delight, but stepping away to your dedicated reading corner can transport you from your day to day, becoming your place of peace and solitude, somewhere to breath slowly and with that in mind it should be designed to reflect you and your personality.

Where Should you Start  

After you have identified your spot and evicted whatever might have been cluttering that space, you want to be able to comfortably sit and feel one million miles away. Next to a window that allows the changing light of the day and fresh air float over you will always be a game changer.

What soothes you? What brings peace and harmony? Does it come in colours or fabric types or will be represented by pictures or greenery that transports you to your favourite place?  A special city? The countryside? Or maybe the beach?  THAT is the basis for your design.

From Basic Design Your Space Will Grow

All you need for your perfect reading nook is good light, a coffee table, a chair that will envelop you in comfort, cushion and footstool.

Once you have these in place, like a new home, as you settle in you can personalise your space with functional pieces and soothing design.  Magazine racks, bookcases, artwork and other features that will add to the comfort and transport you for that time you have set aside, that responsibility-free time for your all-important self-care.

Ideas for What You Can Achieve

Our interiors design team have put together a range of images to show you the wonderful options available to you and to help inspire your own design.

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