Digital Transformation – See the wood for the trees

It’s a new year and your business plan is to embark on a digital transformation path. The only problem is that you don’t know where to start.

You are not alone.

You are not going to achieve digital transformation overnight or within a year for that matter. It will take time.
Unless your business peers and competitors are leading the way and therefore giving you direction on a starting point for your business, you will need inspiration from different sources. Look around in your daily business and personal life for digital ideas as there are many out there.
Business leaders and especially owners can be too close to see processes ripe for the digital touch. You could hire a consultant or industry professional to come in with fresh eyes and look at the business and its processes and help shape potential digitisation projects. Alternatively, put it out to the employees. Challenge them to critically assess their own processes and not just in their own department. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for input!
Engaged employees whom feel valued can do great things and they are heavily vested in seeing their ideas succeed when those ideas align with their employer.

Break it down. Start small and start simple.

The adage that you should only eat an elephant one bite at a time is a good one to remember in this context. Adopting or using parts of agile project management is a great way to deliver incremental change particularly for technology projects. When you have identified the cumbersome processes, shortlist a number of them and tear them apart until they are as simple as possible. Yes, this means change! Why? Well, there is no point transforming a process to digital if the underlying process is flawed or inefficient as you will only exacerbate the problems. So now that you have identified some processes, taken them apart and put them back together in a more meaningful, straightforward and simpler fashion, all that’s left to do it take it one digital step at a time.

Fearghal Kearney
Senior Business Consultant @ Bizquip

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