Furniture Focus For A New Office Era

Office interiors are always at the forefront of any business as they evolve, grow and adapt. Choosing the right interiors layout not only has an impact on the comfort and wellbeing of your staff but is also a representation of what you want to achieve, who your business is, and how you welcome your visitors.

In recent times, we have all looked to adapt our spaces to incorporate safe spacing, the need for privacy, integration of technology, and of course growth.

With that in mind, we have collated a selection of new furniture items from our world-leading manufacturers, many of whom are exclusive to Bizquip that will give you an idea and some direction as to what you can do to maximise how you use your office space whilst incorporating stunning design that reflects your business and your brand.

dB Modular sofa and dB Pillar – Abstracta

To use Abstracta’s own words, ”Simplicity is the key to flexibility and to a soundscape where people can thrive.”

With the dB Modular sofa, simplicity and flexibility are key and that is why the dB range easily adapts to different usages and surroundings.

A wonderful compliment to the dB Modular sofa is the dB Pillar range. Multifunctional furniture that includes tables, stools, and pillars in various heights with different additional features available: pillars with whiteboards, with support for climbing plants, with magazine holders, with flowerpots, and with coat hangers.

Textile waste from Abstracta’s own factory is used as acoustic filling in the dB range reducing both the environmental footprint and the level of low-frequency noise.

Outline Chair – Muuto

Where to start and what’s not to love ?

The Outline Chair from Muuto is a throwback to the Scandinavian-designed sofas of the 1960’s, The Outline Series is clean and elegant on the outside with a deep seat and soft cushioning on its inside,  architectural shapes alongside its curved armrests, giving the design distinct. The Outline Series also includes Studio versions of the Sofa and Chair, being compact versions with slimmed-down proportions for smaller spaces ideal for the creation of a welcoming reception area, whilst giving visitors the private space and comfortable seating of a singular chair over that of a shared couch.

Arkitek Desk Range  – Actiu

Arkitek is a stunning range of desks that incorporate a unique design and high quality materials that deliver a contemporary character and freshness adding personality to your workplace or home office.

With a range of frame finishes: aluminized, white, black, polished, and chromed, these desks are made entirely of aluminium the Arkitek range can be incorporated with personalised storage or confidently stand out thanks to the beauty of the design.

To facilitate every need, the Arkitek is available in bench desk, meeting table and single-person desk design.

With an extensive range of catalogues available to view online and the considerable resources of our experienced interiors team and CAD experts, we will help find your starting point and finish line.

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