GDPR – Look for the ROT in your organisation

GDPR is the EU General Data Protection Regulation

What is ROT?

What is ROT? ROT refers to redundant, obsolete and trivial files and data in your organisation. Typically ROT files and data are unstructured in nature and can be scattered across numerous files shares, servers or information repositories. Unless your organisation has a robust records management and file retention policy in place, the likelihood of significant ROT is very high. With the impending regulatory upheaval that is coming with the introduction of GDPR in 2018, organisations need to get out in front of this problem and tackle it.

How much of your information suffers from ROT?

How much of your data suffers from ROT? It can be greater than 50%. Yes, really!

And this affects us how? Well, think about it for a moment. Redundant data and files are duplicates or near duplicates that clutter search and filing directories which impacts on business efficiency and performance. Obsolete data and files relate to outdated, replaced, incorrect and incomplete information which impairs decision making if those decisions are based on wrong data. Trivial data is of no material organisational value and only serves to get in the way once used if used at all. Data and files that are business related are not necessarily of business value!

All three components of ROT carry significant business risk.

If you don’t know what information you hold, how will you be compliant under GDPR?

If you don’t know what information you hold, how will you be compliant under GDPR? Of particular importance is that personal data maybe contained within your ROT information which poses significant business risk. You need to find the ROT and then shrink and reduce it. This is a good first step towards compliance.

Fearghal Kearney
Senior Business Consultant @ Bizquip

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