Humanscale Two Day Certification Programme In Office Ergonomics

In conjunction with the incredible team at Humanscale, we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to attend a two-day certificate course in Ergonomics.  This event, limited to 18 people will be hosted in our showrooms in Sandyford, Dublin on September 19th and 20th – 2019

The course will be presented by Sukhneet Assee, M. Sc. Associate Ergonomist, UK & Ireland

Sukhneet (also known as Sukhi) received a Masters of Science in Applied Ergonomics with concentration to office ergonomics from the University of Nottingham. During her undergraduate career in product design, she gained experience in design, product evaluation and compliance to standards. Sukhi is passionate about the design of human-environment interfaces, anthropometry and how the built environment can contribute to worker health and performance. Sukhi has expertise on program and project management. Sukhi has helped organisations develop proactive ergonomic programs that aim to minimise absenteeism, workplace injury prevention and encourage better productivity.

The course program is outlined below and will be of particular interest to you if you are working as an Environmental Health & Safety Specialist, Human Resources Professional, Facilities Manager, Risk Manager, Architect or Designer.


*Identify and mitigate the postural risks associated with prolonged computer use
*Learn to properly configure workstations for optimal health, comfort, and performance
*Perform objective research-based evaluations of work tools such as task seating, sit/stand devices, mice,      keyboards, task lighting and more
*Recognize equipment challenges and recommend cost-effective alternatives
*Measure the potential cost savings of a proactive ergonomics program


*Develop proficiency and gain hands-on experience with the ergonomic assessment process through       activity-based learning modules
*Learn advanced techniques for delivering employee education, affecting behavioral change and     implementing workstation enhancements
*Build confidence in your ability to improve employee comfort and reduce risk of injury

For more information and to book your place at this training event, please register here

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