How Laserfiche Could Transform How You Work

From document imaging to record management and automation of business processes,  Laserfiche systems can provide an umbrella for all your document-heavy workplace processes. Instrumental in digitising your organisation’s information and ways of doing things, it can bring substantial change to how you approach and carry out work functions. So, what is Laserfiche and how does it transform work?

Streamline Your Workflow

Laserfiche is an Enterprise Content Management system (ECM). ECM structures, organises and categorises your work. If your workplace has different IT processes, different systems or a few different ways of doing things, Laserfiche can bring them all together under one roof. If, for example, there are some tasks in your office which are done separately and manually, Laserfiche can provide you with the means to automate them, reducing the time spent by staff members doing repetitive manual work.

Laserfiche can also organise your content for you; information can be tracked and updated or linked to other resources. Making good use of search terms, practical online records and categorisation, it’s an ECM package that can take the hassle out of arranging and organising content.

Organising, Digitising and Imaging

Time is of vital importance in any organisation and the time it takes to cover tasks or carry out procedures, matters. We’re always looking for ways of saving time without cutting corners. We hear about working smarter, but how do we go about it? Laserfiche, the experts in imaging systems have come up with user friendly ways to take your documents, digitise and organise them, cutting out hours of searching for hard copies or unknowingly replicating work. Organising your work in a new way can transform your organisation’s day to day activities, freeing up people to do more tasks, quickly. It can also save you money on printing, copying, searching and duplication.

One Place for All Your Work

One of the things about Laserfiche systems that makes working easier, is that it alters the need for a series of different processes for every single task; processes which may not work well together. You can bring all your workflows together. Even if you are doing this stage by stage, Laserfiche can work with one department at a time. Even if you’ve never had a formal company wide plan or have a myriad of different ways of doing things, Laserfiche can adapt to suit your organisation’s needs.

One place for all your work can mean exactly that. Laserfiche can work for accounts and auditing departments as all invoicing and financial documentation can be incorporated into a secure system. From managed print services to document management, Laserfiche ECM can get all parts of your business talking to each other. From automation to analytics, you can create processes which suit your particular workplace, gaining lots of efficiencies along the way.

Laserfiche as your ECM choice

The simplicity, flexibility and scalability of the solution from Laserfiche means that it doesn’t matter on the size of the system you plan to work with, as it’ll fit your needs. You don’t have to adapt your company to Laserfiche. It adapts for your requirements.

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