Managing the print requirements of your hybrid team – security, sustainability, and more

Papercut Print Management

Bizquip has been working closely with PaperCut software for 10+ years to help clients minimise waste and ensure their print hardware is secure while ensuring a simple printing experience for its users.

Over the past few years, a lot of companies have had to purchase “home-office” type printers of all shapes and sizes for their employees to work effectively at home.

We have been working closely with a number of clients who have seen considerable cost increases due to “non-managed” toner purchases for these devices with no visibility or controls in place and have been integrating various Papercut solutions to help organisations take back control of these devices, reducing costs and ensuring these devices are not vulnerable from a security perspective.

Remote Printing – Maintaining the ability to track and report

PaperCut can help your hybrid team print as they work from their home office, where their need to print is still very real, as is your need track and report their print usage.

With three very distinct ways to support your tracking and reporting needs, Papercut has a solution to meet nearly every IT setup

  • With the simple installation of Direct Print Monitor (DPM) in your user’s workstation, it will track print jobs sent directly from your user’s computer to printer, without an intervening print server.
  • If your users are connecting to your print environment via a Remote Desktop Services session or via a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment, the installation of a secondary print server or DPM on the workstation will create the report and tracking solution that you need.  To work in real-time, a connection to the application server will be required over VPN.
  • For users that are not connected to their office infrastructure over a VPN, the Direct Print monitor can be configured to save a history of all print jobs. Once back at the office, these transactions will be sent to the PaperCut server.

Print Security for office based and remote printers

PaperCut security puts peace of mind centre stage. Physical measures protect documents throughout their entire lifecycle – and end-to-end encryption keeps data as breach-proof as possible.

Access Control: Authorize users to control who, when, and how they print.

Secure release:  Leverage the combination of identity cards and embedded MFD software for quick ‘tap and release’ of print jobs.

Watermarking: Promote responsible document handling by applying a username watermark  or a digital signature.

Printing on every platform

PaperCut fits in with your print environment, supporting devices you already have. Configure things exactly to your liking, and we’ll make sure the printing part simply happens, every single time.

  • Mobile and BYOD printing  Managed and BYOD systems are all covered. Print from Chromebooks, Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows devices.
  • Automated print queues Push the right print queues and printer drivers to roaming users no matter where they go, all automatically.
  • Convenient print release Print to one queue and pick up at any printer with the simple ‘tap and release’ workflow powered by Find-Me printing.

Our technology team can navigate your requirements with you and ensure that your printing needs in the hybrid environment are secure, cost-effective, and managed correctly.

Whether you need better visibility and management of remote printers, enhanced security throughout your complete print fleet or you are keen to assess your print sustainability, we can guide you through every step to ensure you have reached an optimal destination in your print journey.

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