January 24, 2023

Measuring Occupancy in the workplace, Why and How? 


We have talked at length about how the world of work has shifted towards hybrid working since 2020. Initially a temporary solution, it is becoming progressively more permanent. Instead of repeating ourselves, today we want to look at the technologies designed to help you create a truly strategic hybrid workforce using real-time data for strategy and planning. Namely, workplace analytics.  

Workplace analytics help you understand which parts of your workplace are used most often and how. For example, Hot Desk utilisation reports make sure that you can improve desk usage, similarly, the same principles and technological approaches can be applied to how you manage all your spaces including your meeting rooms, break-out spaces, privacy booths, and parking spaces. This data becomes a highly valuable tool in the strategy and planning of how you use your office space, now and in the future, and crucially what those needs are versus what they need to be.  

There continues to be fluctuation in the occupancy rate, most research typically cites 30%  – 50% which is a wide stat, however, what is clear is that flexible working is the new norm and office design, as we have written about will need to change to reflect this shift from office based to flexible working. This represents a real opportunity for substantial cost savings and optimisation for your company. Only by collecting real-time data and insights of important office resources using a workplace analytics solution can a business increase office utilization, get better occupancy information, and positively improve operating costs.  

The workplace is a complex environment that requires careful planning and execution. The right tools help you and your company to make better decisions about how to manage it. 

  • Collect accurate usage data and analytics of your workplace and office resources. 
  • Reduce property-related costs for your company. 
  • Create office space strategies based on accurate workplace analytics. 
  • Produce and export detailed insight reports. 
  • Right-size your office space for a hybrid workspace environment, and your teams need. 
  • Increase the employee experience by creating a workspace they enjoy and find ways for easy collaboration. 


How ?  

The simplest method of monitoring comes in the form of monitor devices from partners of ours such as Flowscape.

We implement wireless battery-operated sensors in specific, pre-agreed locations which collect accurate, granular, real-time data about the precise use of every single resource throughout the day. The sensors are easy to deploy, battery supplied, connect wirelessly, and can run outside your IT infrastructure. Desks can also be equipped with USB Desk sensors that will give accurate usage data and enhance the end-user experience by automatically checking desks and presenting the name of the user on the office space map. The USB Desk sensor does not need any batteries or network. This approach is an ideal solution for open-plan spaces, meeting rooms, cellular offices, and more.  

When coupled with Flowscape’s statistical portal, FlowAnalytics, this integrated module allows you to view and analyse historical data about how your office resources are used – you are relying on real-time, accurate data to make strategic decisions about your company’s operations – these analytics can be captured in a single location or across multiple locations if your company infrastructure spans multiple sites.  

This overview of your space helps you to easily see how many resources (and buildings) you have and how they are being used in real time by your workforce. You can also get a direct overview of how many bookable and non-bookable spaces are available, how many sensors are installed, and where they are located. Space overview is an excellent tool for building knowledge and understanding your business’ real-estate portfolio to maximise both productivity and utilisation of your office space. 

Crucially, given that we are working in an employee-led market, retaining top talent will be increasingly more important in a mobile work environment – and the office environment will be one of the key tools to motivate people to stay and attract new talent. Using technology such as that offered by Flowscape can allow employees to choose when to make the best use of the physical office to benefit from connections, collaboration, or to share creativity. 

Workplace occupancy is an incredibly exciting and valuable tool for companies embracing and adopting a hybrid work policy and can give management the tools and data to make informed decisions with regard to the best use of office space.  

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