Planning A Safe Return To The Office

Opening your office doors safely.  It Is Always Good To Have Options.

Having options is always important, Fulbright famously quoted  “We must learn to explore all the options and possibilities that confront us in a complex and rapidly changing world”. 

Re-imagining your office space entirely in preparation for a safe return to the office is not something that will suit all businesses, but like Fulbright, we always explore the options and the possibilities – bespoke and personalised, this is the approach we adopt for every project. 

If you are following our articles, you will have seen that in recent months we have focused on re-opening offices and the various approaches to be considered. 

We recently wrote about, ‘The Changing Face of The Workplace’  where we briefly touched on solutions such as space planning and the reconfiguration of your space, mobile meeting spaces, flexible room dividers and striking the balance between working from home and working from the office. Creating the perfect hybrid. 

Today, we are about the day-to-day essentials that assist in achieving a safe environment for your team. Essentials that will mean minimum change yet maximum impact. 

Checklists Are Vital 

Monitoring, managing, and maintaining a workspace requires a checklist and we have worked with many clients to create tailored checklists of key items so that they are sound in the knowledge that nothing is overlooked. Requirements such as Personal Hygiene Packs, Collaborative solutions such as mobile whiteboards, individual on-desk charging devices, floor standing automatic hand sanitiser dispensers and individual wireless keyboard and mouse are included to assist in the safe re-opening of offices in line with Government and HSE advice.  

The first line of defence 

No matter where in the world you are, the first line of defence in terms of public safety where the pandemic is concerned, is in shielding each other; behind masks, behind sanitiser, and behind protective panelling.  Thankfully, the design of protective panels has come a long way and with the likes of the Actiu Deco Line, Actiu Communication and the Actiu Self Supporting Screen, protective panels that are beautifully designed.  Boundaries are defined by these functional panels, but communication is not stifled. 

Protective panels offer many different uses, from the most obvious desk boundaries to the creation of meeting zones or areas of privacy. This is particularly beneficial in open-plan offices where you can easily create private spaces with the benefits of open plan air circulation. 

Safe Storage Meets Hot Desking 

Hands up if like us you are used to having a pedestal at your desk full of ‘useful’ items? We say ‘useful’ because normally there is a lot in there that doesn’t see the light of day for, well…. Never! 

Hybrid workplaces are utilising hot-desking and desk management systems which means that your desk pedestal may become redundant.   In the name of options, or maybe we should call them solutions, we have a great alternative. Secure personal lockers that can either be straightforward functional or lockers that can be integrated into the design of your office. Additionally, our range of room dividers offer much more diversity and incorporate design and technology where bricks and mortar might fall short.

For example, our Grid system is a clever way to incorporate a modular design with functional storage, configured to your requirements ( and reconfigured – it is that easy!) to provide you with mobile room dividers and storage in addition to beautiful design. 

As always our team of experts are here to work with you to define your requirements and create a bespoke solution to meet your needs. 

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