Privacy In the Workplace – Achieving the best outcome

It is widely acknowledged that open-plan offices and places of work offer so many benefits which include improved communication and more collaboration among employees. Greater learning and understanding of the tasks and duties of others impacts how departments interact with each other. Open-plan offices offer flexibility in how a space is used and adapted and, in our view most importantly a company’s culture is positively impacted. In short – barriers within the workplace are removed both literally and figuratively.

Out of the 50 major countries with the highest density of open space offices as compared to their population, Luxembourg, Singapore and Ireland arise as the leaders in this category.  It is a well-known fact that you are 15% less productive working in an open-plan office if the right design is not in place. Therefore it is imperative that proper design and planning go into your open-plan office, and it is not seen as a case of tearing down the walls.

That said, there will always be a need for privacy and quiet time. Whether that is to address private conversations or the need for uninterrupted time and space to really focus as an individual or in a small team.

What has brought privacy even further to the fore is the exponential rise in video conferencing such as Teams or Zoom calls that have now become part and parcel of our working day as a result of the pandemic. As we plan our safe return to the office over the coming months, what is becoming apparent and abundantly clear is the critical need to ensure people have a quiet and private space to participate in video conference calls.

It is easy to wonder how you can achieve the undeniable benefits of both an open plan office and privacy without reinstating meeting rooms which in essence removes an open plan from the office.

Privacy Booths and Acoustic Pods

Privacy booths and acoustic pods are not new to the office landscape but they are becoming more of the norm in the design or redesign of a modern office.

Private, echo-free acoustic pods and privacy booths from companies like Framery address the need for on-demand privacy, enabling people to seamlessly connect, regardless of physical location. Their compact design has little impact on your open plan. Thanks to the fact that they incorporate the latest in technology mean you can connect your pod to your desk booking solutions such as our GoBright desk booking and space management app. ⠀

Using the pod’s touchscreen, you can adjust the airflow and brightness of the lights to suit you, and only you and with the integrated 4G module, you will always stay connected… if that is what you want?

Pods of variety

Did you know that over 80% of office meetings host an average of 4 people?

The privacy booths we recommend are designed in a range of sizes to accommodate between one and six people and can be customised in terms of colours, finish, and technology to fully fit in with your office and your needs.

With adjustable seating in smaller pods and enough room to house your own choice of furniture in the larger pods, they are the ultimate room within a room.

Pods for Wellbeing

Aside from the practical nature of meeting booths and acoustic pods for privacy and video conferencing, there is also a very compelling wellness aspect to their inclusion in the workplace.

Sound disruptions, noise and distractions are all around us and have an immediate impact on our ability to function to our optimal level. The soundproofing and echo free design of our pods and booths give you the opportunity to eliminate that background noise that we are all regularly distracted by.

Other Privacy Options

Aside from the powerful case in favour of privacy booths and acoustic pods in your office, privacy can be injected in many other forms.

Our vast range of privacy panels and screens from global leaders such as Actiu and Friends of Wilson are specifically designed for retrofitting to your existing furniture.

Privacy solutions can be wall-mounted, ceiling hung, or mobile, depending on the structure of a space. What is of critical importance is their effectiveness,  a casual design that boosts communication between people in friendly, efficient settings, with clearly marked boundaries that do not dehumanise the working area or hide users away.

Room dividers come in a myriad of solutions and can simply divide a space, create privacy zones to clearly define an office space and are visually very impactful. the 4T system from Icons of Denmark is an example that springs to mind along with wooden storage divider systems shown in our image gallery below.

What we can ensure is that they are aesthetically pleasing and offer a range of designs and finishes to complement the décor of any space.

If you want to learn more about the options available to you from our range of meeting booths, acoustic pods, phone booths, and workplace privacy & zoning solutions, our expert interiors team would be delighted to speak to you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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