Seven deadly sins of print

A guide to identifying printing sins guaranteed to eat your money

With printing on the increase and the average cost of printing between 1 and 3% of revenue, it’s surprising that so few companies are managing their print assets. When managed effectively, you could turn print into a money-saving prospect, freeing up resources and allowing you to spend more on areas that will really make a difference.
This guide has been created from our real experiences working with customers and it is designed to help you understand some of the ways that we’ve learned to save money.

Sin # 1


Colour printing typically costs TEN times more than mono, so if your default is set for colour, you are throwing your money away.

Sin # 2

No Rules

You need to take control (either yourself or assign responsibility), put rules in place and educate your staff about printing in your organisation.

Sin # 3

Lack of Security

Everything you print, scan and fax is stored in your device’s memory. Think of your MFP as a computer; without the necessary physical security controls you are vulnerable to unauthorised access and theft of components including memory, hard disks and any data stored on the device.

Sin # 4

Bin it Culture

Too often we hit the ‘print’ button only to realise that the margins are wrong, or it’s a 20 page document when you only need page six. All those extra pages can get left on the printer and ultimately end up in the bin.

Sin # 5

Irresponsible Printing

You know the story, but sometimes we all need reminding that wasting paper, ink, toner and power doesn’t make economic or environmental sense.

Sin # 6

Wasted Resources

Most organisations tend to have lots of devices from numerous vendors. Some have been purchased while others are ‘on contract’. Chances are that many of these devices are old, under-utilised and expensive to run. This means high energy bills and overstretched IT departments who constantly have to repair broken devices.

Sin # 7

Working hard, not smart

Identifying issues is relatively easy and, with the right solution in place, you will see benefits immediately and take a huge leap to working smarter.

The team at Bizquip has over 10 years print management experience. Our job is to reduce your costs while simultaneously improving print quality and efficiency.

The benefits of a document management system are numerous but in the end, they come down to reducing cost, improving productivity and gaining competitive advantage.

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