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The Importance of Good Lighting

Every month, we will be bringing you a little insight into what our interiors team love, and why.  This month Lynne Casserley shares her views on the importance of good lighting at your workspace.

Not enough emphasis is put on the importance of eye health. Life would have been a lot easier had I owned a Nova Light as a student. Nights spent sketching for my interiors course in dimly lit rooms would have been transformed had I had a Nova Light in my life.

I remember sketching and colouring concept boards in dimly lit night lighting and when it came to presenting the same sketches in daylight it was like a completely different image. Humanscale’s Nova Light LED and light guide package minimises glare and creates perfectly uniform footprint of glare-free neutral light that can be dimmed with the touch of a finger.

Good lighting is not only important for home office/student working but take it into a showroom environment and it comes into its own when choosing colour schemes/shades for interior settings.  Not only is the Nova Light trendy but it has a colour index of >92 providing you with a real representation of a colour in true light regardless of the time of day, making it the perfect aid for choosing colour.

Great lighting is a must-have for the health of your eyes which is why I factor it in to my clients’ needs/requirements. There are so many factors negatively impacting eye health from switching from screen usage to poorly lit documents to the general eye strain from monitor and screen usage. So, whether you are working on documents, drafting architectural drawings, working with colour or just opening a book to unwind at the end of the day the Nova light is the perfect choice. For anyone reading documents in poorly lit environments, teachers grading papers, people sketching and painting, engineers working on plans and students studying – this is the tool to have.

From a design perspective, Humanscale Design Studio created Nova with a timeless aesthetic and long-lasting durability. The Constant torque ‘Forever Hinges’ provide strength and stability in any position while allowing effortless one-hand adjustability. This adjustable counter-balance design allows for effortless movement and control Occupancy sensor for energy conservation whilst Touch dimming allows users to customise the brightness level exactly to their preference. Smart Dimming designed to remember the last brightness setting when turned on and off.

Designed to illuminate wider spaces, Nova XL is 50mm (2”) taller than the standard light to provide an additional 100mm (4”) of reach – again no longer solely beneficial in the office environment but anyone working on larger plans/documents in a home office. It is energy star certified and is free from red list chemicals.

Colour Options Black, White, Light Grey .  Mount Options Clamp, Desktop Base, Wall, Universal Slatwall

About Lynne Casserley: 

With over 12 years’ experience in interior design and space planning, Lynne’s career started in kitchen design in a family business – during this time she qualified as a Level 6 Architect Technician and went on to achieve her Diploma in Interior Design.  Since joining the team in Bizquip in 2016 Lynne has worked on incredible projects of all sizes including small SMEs with a staff of less than five to large scale tenders and third-level institutes. 

Commercial interior design is constantly changing in terms of aesthetics, acoustics, ergonomics, and approaches, and Lynne certainly thrives on creating bespoke solutions for her clients ensuring a blended approach using the best products and most appropriate manufacturers for the project. Understanding that the world is ever-changing is key to her role;  There is no better person than Lynne to stay on top of the current trends and where possible, lead the change! 

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