Successfully Managing Print Requirements With a Hybrid Workforce

Working from home, or a hybrid/blended approach, Bizquip is working with our clients to implement solutions that help manage print output across our clients’ devices.

During these discussions with our clients, the most common questions they asked concerning what do we do about our employees working from home are answered below.

  • How do we control how our employees print when they are out of the office and working from home?

With the use of print management software, rules can be set to control who has access to the printers that are on a clients’ network, and this is whether the printer is in the office or in an employee’s home.

  • Can we enforce a print policy for our remote workers?

Our software can be integrated with your active directory to import all your user’s information and merges this information with our print management software enabling you to control all printing, office, and remote. Do you want to control colour printing? Add a rule to set all printing to black and white by default.

  • How do we manage these devices?

With the help of Bizquip’s remote monitoring software, Bizvision, your business can have full visibility of their printers whether they are in the office or in an employee’s home. Bizvision is user-friendly and informative and allows you to see all your printers, toner levels, and status alerts if the device is in error (e.g. paper jam etc).

  • How do we see what users are printing?

Our print management software contains a simple-to-use reporting tool that can show who printed what, when they printed it and how much it cost. The information available shows whether the printed job was A4/A3, mono/colour, single-sided/double-sided, and also the total number of pages, file name etc. – it does not detail what data was printed (i.e. the content of the printed document).

  • What if we don’t have a print server, what can we do to facilitate print for users?

You don’t have to have a print server to control your printing! Bizquip has Cloud-based print options which are easy to use, easily deployed with limited disruption, and fully managed and all without the need of any print server.

If you are looking to install a simple-to-use print management tool which allows you to monitor and control your printing, both in the office and at remote locations, which is administered centrally and integrates with your current business applications, then contact our Solutions Team today on 01 2178015

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