The Latest Trends in Managed Print Services

The Latest Trends in Managed Print Services

As with any innovative business, Managed Print Manufacturers such as Ricoh and HP who we are delighted to represent, succeed and continually hold their position as market leaders thanks to their innovation, software-centric services and a willingness to collaborate with other Enterprise IT suppliers. It is their innovation and acknowledgment that there will be a continual shift away from traditional printing in favour of digitisation, and the realisation that both methods need to work in harmony together that makes them the ideal partner for SMB operations.

Digitisation V Paper

For many years, paperless offices have been an end goal of many when in real terms,  paper lite is the achievable goal and the realistic expectation.

Quocirca’s Print 2025 Spotlight report Digitisation: the key to SMB success reveals that SMBs / SMEs are accelerating their digitisation initiatives using digital workflow services and solutions, as they seek to drive business efficiency and employee productivity whilst managing operational costs.

Digitisation is also vital in a world where data compliance and data security are paramount.

Digital technologies are creating opportunities for businesses of all sizes, increasing mobility (as we discussed in our article about technology for Remote Working), changing expectations and encouraging seamless interactions.

Quocirca have also identified that whilst reliance on printed documents will remain, they have also acknowledged that 76% of SMBs noted that printed documents are important to their business, but they are struggling to reduce paper usage, consumables costs and enhance security. As a result, fewer SMBs expect to be reliant on printing by 2025, reflecting that a transition to a paper lite workplace is underway.

Broader Solutions

Bizquip works very closely with our solutions partners and our clients in the implementation of innovative managed print solutions that move with the times and offer alternatives to the more traditional operations whilst understanding the need for a combination of old and new.  We work to enable businesses to respond to the need for compliance, efficiencies, growth, and agility in how they operate.

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