The Real-World Showroom, not the Realtime Version

Bizquip's Commercial Furniture Showroom

There is no denying that the anytime / anywhere aspect of the internet makes life so much easier for everyone. There is nothing we cannot browse for or buy, but we have all experienced the sinking feeling when the online falls drastically short of the reality. This becomes a costly mistake especially when choosing office furniture and office interiors, leading to significant problems that far outweigh the ease the online shopping posed in the first place.

There are some benefits

The internet is perfect for creating interiors mood boards, inspiring spaces and developing design ideas. It is a wonderful opportunity to challenge your thoughts and ideas, helping you to shape your plans. It is a great place to understand the trends associated with the workplace – whether that is in terms of acoustic panels or meeting pods, sit/stand desks or the latest in ergonomics  – the internet is a great source of research for your commercially rated furniture requirements.

More than a display

With only the guidance of a photo and dimensions, it is near impossible to understand exactly how the furniture will work for your space. More importantly, without an office furniture showroom, you will never benefit from all the “THE’s”:

  • the experience and advice of a commercial furniture expert
  • the organic conversation
  • the knowledge of products
  • the pro’s and con’s
  • the understanding of what you would like to achieve
  • the personal experience, the ability to mix and match manufacturers to create the perfect fit for you…

…….in every sense.

Road Test

Kicking the tyres, road testing, try before you buy…. call it what you will, but when it comes to quality, finish, durability, functionality, each a vital aspect of space planning, there is nothing that will ever replace the showroom in its ability to encourage you to truly rate the furniture.


Nothing will ever replace end to end service.  Not even the notion of an online bargain.  At Bizquip, all our interiors clients and we mean ALL benefit from:

  • An ever-evolving office furniture showroom, displaying furniture from over 30 manufacturers
  • Actual depiction of many different office environments
  • Complimentary space planning services
  • 3D visual renders
  • Our own fully trained fitters
  • Local warehouse, stocked with a wide variety of office furniture to meet urgent requirements
  • Account manager who will liaise with the factory for you – managing, expediting and if required, troubleshooting
  • Free parking at our showroom in Sandyford
  • Walk in Showroom, no appointment necessary

One Less Job

When you visit our office furniture showroom, our experts will guide you, advise you, and assist you. They will take the complexities of your office refurbishment out of your hands and assist you with seamless planning.

About the author:

David Horgan is one of commercial furniture specialists in Bizquip with over 16 years’ experience working with us.  David can be contacted in our Sandyford showroom daily and you are welcome to visit during office hours ( without appointment) or by special arrangement outside those times.  Ample free parking on site.

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