February 29, 2024

What do collaborative spaces in workplaces look like?

hilti office 1 scaled

Collaboration in the work place is a really common conversation amongst us here at Bizquip as workplace specialists. However, we are aware that this might be tricky to visualise if you are not immersed in the world of commercial furniture! We regularly advise our clients on a multitude of queries and questions, and we are helping companies introduce collaborative and break out spaces more often than ever before.

The office landscape has truly shifted and the focus is on encouraging people into the office, through the creation of break out / informal / collaborative spaces. Offices are now a social space to interact and catch up with colleagues. In this article, we have collated a range of images that we feel showcase such collaboration – in a more succinct way through images as opposed to words! This article also ties in with our 2024 furniture trends article, published earlier this year.

nimbus fixed on castors 3
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