Adapting Your Business During COVID-19 With Seamless Technology – Preparing for the Future

Advances in technology in recent years has meant that businesses were able to quickly react and adapt to the need for remote working because of COVID-19.  Overnight, companies were able to relocate to the homes of their employees and continue to operate with relative consistency.

Organisations had to work in ways they never thought possible using tools like Zoom and Microsoft teams, embracing these technologies to get the most from their employees while on lockdown. Also recognising the important role it played in seamless communications, bringing us together in business despite us being apart.

What also became evident was many companies identified vulnerabilities in their IT and digital strategies,  nobody had ever anticipated a situation where offices lay empty apart from the important technology and solutions infrastructure. What also came to the fore was how manual workflows and processes became challenging and cumbersome when personnel were dispersed, this was particularly evident in financial sectors.

For many, this highlighted the critical need to accelerate digital change from within.

Initial Steps Taken When Lockdown Commenced

In the early days of lockdown, our initial work with our clients was helping them set up the home offices of their teams. On a basic level, this began with the provision of compact Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled technology designed for the home office such as multifunction printers, digital white boards and home office furniture via our interiors team.  We created mini offices in the homes of many clients and their employees aiding in their seamless transition to their new workplace.

Next Steps

Then conversations changed, working from home proved seamless for some, but for others, especially in process led functions, it has been challenges and obstacles. With these challenges and obstacles in mind, we are now working closely with our clients to assist in the rethink of their strategies, and offer real, tangible, long term digital solutions that will grow as their business grows and adapt to change, when change is required.

Central to this is moving away from manual, labour intensive based paper processes – moving toward digitisation with the implementation of process automation.

With our range of automation solutions such as the range of products from Laserfiche, which are designed to automate day-to-day processes or the new Smart Applications on the IMC range of Ricoh devices, enabling you to scan directly to a range of secure cloud-based applications, storing, indexing, and sharing in an instant, we are opening the opportunity for positive change.

Now more than before a real need for process automation was emerging. Addressing the needs of now, and preparing for the future.

The Power of Automation

If there was ever to be poster child for the power and success of process automation it would be Monaghan County Council.  For those of you familiar with our articles, you will know we have discussed their award-winning Laserfiche implementation extensively.  As a result of their use of Laserfiche’s process automation and workflow software,  which was seamlessly integrated into their existing systems, Monaghan County Council were able to work without any impediment during lock down and their use of Laserfiche for process automation became the envy of many when the government announced the back to work grant system, for which applications were submitted to by businesses to their County Council. Monaghan County Council were able to quickly create a digital application process online using Laserfiche – enabling a seamless application process and workflow.

The Future

The speed at which we all have to adapt as the situation with COVID-19 unfolds is a credit to our business community. It very quickly highlighted the strengths and weaknesses within our organisations and if a positive is to be taken away, it is in our active approaches towards learning, implementing positive change and a requirement to prepare for the future.

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