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Why Your Home Office Furniture Needs to Be Right

For more than 35 years, our team in Bizquip have been sourcing, supplying, and recommending the optimal office furniture to our clients whether they are a large multinational, or smaller SMEs.

We are taking this extensive knowledge and sharing it with individuals like yourself, ensuring your home office set up is designed to enable you to work with comfort and ease, removing the challenges you may have been experiencing up to now.

Having worked from home for months now, if you are perched at the end of your kitchen table, no doubt you have realised that it really is not sustainable for many different reasons.  One of the most important of these being your comfort, and of course the impact of an uncomfortable set up on your day in terms of productivity and health.

When we talk workplace comfort; ergonomics, with our clients we discuss the relationship between you and your job, focussing on the design of work areas or work tasks. Ergonomics is the science of fitting the task to the worker.  This not only improves job performance and productivity but is also vital to ensure minimal physiological or health impacts such as discomfort, fatigue and injury.

A number of factors play a role in ergonomics; these include body posture and movement (sitting, standing, lifting, pulling and pushing), and environmental factors (noise, lighting, temperature and humidity). A more detailed inspection will include the angle and posture of your seating position, the height of your monitor and its impact on your eyes and your neck, wrist angles, foot support and much more.

This is why your kitchen table or balancing your laptop on your lap might have become your enemy! It is quite easy to take for granted the furniture we are used to in our place of work until we are no longer using it. It is also easy to assume that it is not available for your home office.

With the right combination of desk, chair, monitor arm and task lighting, there is no reason for your dedicated home office; be it the luxury of the spare room or a designated space elsewhere in your home, to be anything other than the optimal office you need to ensure a successful, productive and comfortable work day.

Our interiors team have collated a selection of ergonomic furniture images below to demonstrate a selection of the products we offer and regularly recommend in order to help you furnish your home office. To support you further, our interiors specialists are delighted to offer complimentary ergonomic advice via zoom or phone.

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We have a wide range of ergonomic furniture suitable for remote working in stock and immediately available. Delivery is free of charge throughout the Greater Dublin area and our own team of Fitters will assemble the furniture in advance of delivery, ensuring our deliveries are contactless and in line with Government guidelines.

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