Agile Furniture In Focus

New beginnings are on the horizon when it comes to our return to the workplace. New opportunities via flexible working are no longer a pipe dream and both remote and in situ work – a hybrid duality – is potentially here to stay. This could have a transformative effect in workspaces.

Although many administrative, tasks that require concentration and management tasks may be viable remotely, research* has shown that to co-create, develop a product or service, as well as boost team creativity, collaboration and importantly, foster a company’s culture that a certain presence is still critical to the effective prosperity of an organisation.

What Is Agile Working? 

Essentially it supports autonomy, freedom, and flexibility thus resulting in high levels of satisfaction for the employee, longer-term retention reduced productivity loss, and other related costs for employers. It promotes that each member of staff can work where and how they want in an office environment.

Well-being, in addition to an agile workspace, is an important focal point. It contributes to a positive culture, employee engagement and is more commonly being incorporated into the design and furnishing of office spaces. Traditional offices have been evolving and promoting corporate wellbeing whilst gearing towards safe, flexible, agile, and smart work environments to attract talent and make the most of employee performance. Wellbeing in the workspace relies on ergonomics, design, and quality but more than ever it now relies on versatility.

The Agile Methodology allows you to create multiple adaptable working locations and interchangeable workstations. Adapting to a variety of spaces, functionality and tasks that service your teams at any given moment. Think of it as having flexible space to accommodate a multi-functional environment such as concentrated work, training & development, informal meetings and break-out space. Agile office designs have become an effective solution to create an environment that improves optimal productivity whilst also creating value and innovation from intelligent collaboration between people and technology. The benefits are clear, space is optimised allowing colleagues to collaborate and socialise together whilst maintaining an effective space to work and ensure productivity prevails.

To help you navigate the road ahead we have prepared some ideas with specific products designed to assist in the creation of an agile office space.

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