Smart Office Technology

The ‘Smart Office’ is a broad term for a myriad of changes and implementations in the workplace.  Our interiors team for instance speak of the smart office in terms of agility, open spaces, adaptable furniture, and they are correct, but a smart office reaches beyond that.

From the technology perspective, a smart office is reflected in how you implement the correct blend of hardware and software solutions to enable your employees to work as efficiently as possible.

It is about removing menial tasks, automating where possible, removing obstacles, and adapting modern technology so that your employees can focus on what really matters.

A technology-enabled office environment helps to create efficiencies across various aspects of work –

  • Collaboration – Collaboration spaces with leading AV technology enabling clear communication.
  • Automation – The automation of historically paper-based, time consuming tasks (e.g. Invoice processing)
  • Flexibility – Enabling employees to book their desk for days they will be in the office on a simple online platform as well as and meeting rooms / collaboration spaces for client presentations.
  • Visibility – Costs become transparent and more accountable than ever with the adoption of print management solutions that are designed around your company’s needs.
  • Real time Analytics – Actionable insights can fuel better business decisions on building occupancy & usage.
  • Staff retention – new and existing staff will always be attached to a smart office environment for what it offers in terms of job satisfaction, collaboration & communication, and ability to do their job seamlessly.

There are many ways by which you can utilise technology within the office environment to get the best out of your employees and indeed workspace.

From staff booking their desk on a simple portal for the upcoming week, Visitor Management systems right through to Workflow Automation, Managed Print Services, Audio Visual technology, and Collaboration software, Bizquip can put together a bespoke solution, tailored for your business needs.

A key element of the work we do with our clients around Smart Office technology is the initial consultancy of what is needed followed by the creation of a bespoke solution because one size does not fit all.

To start the process of implementing smart office technology or to further develop your existing infrastructure, please contact our Solutions team today on 01 217 8015.

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