March 9, 2024

Analyse and reduce your carbon footprint with our new Ricoh Carbon Calculator.

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As part of our recent ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certification, our team have been measuring our carbon footprint and implementing carbon reduction strategies in line with our environmental objectives in place.

As part of this process, we analysed our own internal print infrastructure using Ricoh’s new Carbon Calculator, which our technical team recently completed training and certifications to produce these reports.

The Carbon Calculator compiles independently sourced data on all print manufacturers (Photocopiers, MFDs & printers) and produces a report highlighting the following metrics:

  • Energy consumption of existing print fleet
  • Co2 emissions (metric tonnes)
  • Costs per month / year
  • Paper & water consumption
  • Overall energy / electricity usage per annum

As Ricoh launched a brand-new range of A3 photocopiers & MFDs in July 2023, it was opportune for us to compare our existing print hardware with the new range of Ricoh photocopiers.

By upgrading our legacy photocopiers (6yrs old) to the new Ricoh A3 MFD range, we reduced our Co2 emissions by 35%, decreased our energy usage by 29%, which has lead to an overall cost saving of 15%.

Since November 2023, we have been also working with various clients to produce these carbon calculations, which is a completely complimentary service we offer.

We have been able to show significant savings for a number of clients by upgrading legacy print hardware over the past few months with these new, energy efficient Ricoh devices, with one client saving €6,750 annually, whilst also reducing their annual Co2 emissions (metric tonnes) by 41%.

Below is an example report which shows real data for a client’s print environment, comparing their old Xerox print fleet and the brand new Ricoh MFDs :

Ricoh Carbon Calculation – Xerox vs Ricoh

If you would like us to conduct a free carbon calculation of your existing print infrastructure, please get in touch with our technical team by filling in this contact form – contact form.

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