Business process automation is for all companies, including yours!

Business Process Automation, the smart tool for a smart business of any size

Most organisations will have heard of the term “business process automation” if you haven’t implemented elements of it already.  In essence, it is when you utlilitse software or technology to automate processes within your organisation and increase efficiencies.

From simple repetitive tasks or more complex areas of the business, the benefits of automating processes within your business offer innumerable benefits.

  • Improved productivity due to automation of tasks that were previously manual
  • Moving away from physical files and file storage in favour of digital files and digital storage
  • Ability to easily manage and monitor compliance and legal requirements
  • Reduction in loss of documentation
  • Reduction in human error
  • Better management of business growth and team management via data-driven intel – strategic planning, fact-based prediction.
  • Actionable insights
  • Reduce or contain costs

Many people view BPA as the intersection of human behaviour and technology.

Apart from automating tasks that were previously manually handled, workflows within your organisation are also automated creating an order of work or task list in order of priority for departments that require it.

BPA or digital transformation software as it is also known easily integrated with your current systems from your Microsoft suite to third party accounts, HR and CRM tools – creating a link between them. Joining the dots so to speak !

A misnomer about BPA is that it is only for large organisations and multinationals but this is not the case. Bizquip have successfully implemented automation solutions for clients of all sizes.

What makes BPA so accessible to our clients is our choice of two market-leading BPA software developers, Square 9 and Laserfiche. Our choice to partner with these two companies centers around the fact that their software is among the best available is easily customised to the needs of each client and they offer a range of solutions meaning that we can prescribe the most suitable solution for your business which is no doubt different to that of your neighbour.

When the facts speak for themselves

We have already identified that BPA is the optimal solution for any business of any size and apart from the obvious benefits in terms of efficiency and excellence, clients of both Square 9 and Laserfiche have experienced considerable returns.

Food Service Company Saves Space, Time, and over €5,000 per annum.

A privately-owned food service company distributing wholesale to restaurants, institutional facilities, and retail locations ran into bottlenecks with the increase in paperwork that was because of growth within the business.  Business-critical documents took up countless file cabinets and office space as the document count grew, locating paperwork became increasingly difficult to locate, wasting valuable time and slowing down productivity in areas as a result.

When the situation was reviewed, it was identified that the company scanned 50-100 invoices daily, and filed about 200 paper copies. The company urgently needed to find a solution for storing, organising, and retrieving their documents. This was coupled with the underlying need to address their invoicing process also.

Further to the seamless installation of Square 9, the company’s account payable department and indeed other parts of the company quickly began to see the new system’s benefits.

  • 25 filing cabinets eliminated
  • 15 hours per week saved thanks to automated workflows
  • 20 hours per week saved filing invoices
  • Square 9’s GlobalCapture tool spotted accounting errors almost instantly, bringing users directly to the error for correction.
  • Saved over €5,000 per annum on paper-based applications
  • Productivity of the invoice approval process increased by 50%

Human Resources Made Easy for Major Hotel Management Company

Having experienced considerable growth over the past 10 years, the company experienced many challenges in managing its document-centric HR processes which impacted the department in many ways including process inefficiencies and storage space issues.

Managing several hundred staff members, from reception to housecleaning, manually processing employee paperwork was time-consuming and error-prone. It required an immense amount of follow-up and arduous document retrieval efforts to ensure documentation was accurate.

Further to adopting BPA technology, having a centralised digital location to store all documentation, has drastically improved access to critical business and employee information. The easy-to-use software provided advanced document search capabilities; staff had spent between 5-10 minutes retrieving files. Now with document management software implemented, that has dropped to only 5-10 seconds!

In addition to management of HR files, the company drastically improved its onboarding process. with at least 25% of administrative time saved. Previously they might take up to two days to manage new hire documents, but now when all forms are received, they spend only 2-3 minutes to complete processing.

Business Process Automation for HR and Accounts Departments

When digital transformation is being considered, it is not unusual for the focus to be firstly shifted towards the HR and Accounts departments of a company, historically seen as two paper-heavy, mission-critical areas of any business.

If you have a specific interest in how business process automation can greatly impact your HR and Accounts teams we have focussed on these in greater detail and you can read the articles here;

Business Process Automation for HR

Business Process Automation for Accounts

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