Business Process Automation for HR Departments

Human resource management is an essential part of every organisation and encompasses many aspects of your business from managing staff numbers, recruitment, reallocation, roles, and responsibilities to training, onboarding, attendance, and much more. Employee engagement is critical in today’s market and also a fundamental responsibility of your HR team.

Traditionally and historically, those in the HR department worked (or waded) their way through time-intensive paper-based manual processes, yet just like the accounting department, the HR department handles sensitive company information on a day-to-day basis.

Business process automation has been around for quite a while but has often been assumed as a tool solely for the finance team. In truth, business process automation is the perfect solution for any function within your organisation that relies on a series of processes that are currently managed in a manual way. Business process automation is particularly beneficial where confidentiality and compliance are required due to the ability to apply access rules and restrictions.


What is HR Automation?

HR automation drastically improves the efficiency of your HR team by freeing employees from tedious manual, repetitive tasks instead empowering them to invest their time in HR strategy, business planning, and more intricate actions.

As a result, your business will benefit from a reduction in time (and associated costs) spent on manual tasks prior to business process automation in your HR department, and with that time saved is the ability to invest great time and energy where it is really needed, such as strategy, planning, and critical thinking.

HR Automation will also collect key data and information meaning that your business can strategically manage elements of HR such as talent forecast, succession, department inefficiencies, and much more enabling your team to predict and plan, rather than react and rush.


The Benefits of HR Process Automation

Of course, each company that adopts HR Process Automation will experience its own unique set of benefits, but there will always benefits shared by all:

  • Improved productivity due to automation of tasks that were previously manual
  • Moving away from physical files and file storage in favour of digital files and digital storage
  • Reduced storage costs previously associated with paper-based management of HR
  • Reduced employee turnover due to more consistent employee engagement
  • Ability to easily manage and monitor compliance and legal requirements
  • Reduction in loss of documentation
  • Reduction in human error
  • Better management of business growth and team management via data-driven intel – strategic planning, fact-based prediction.
  • Actionable insights


What can be automated? What Should be automated?

In short? All and everything!

That said, if we were to choose the areas of greatest need, we would have to focus on the following areas of HR management which are daily occurrences in every organisation.

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Onboarding; Including personnel data, employee handbooks, contracts and more.
  • Employee Timesheets
  • Leave Requests
  • Performance Management
  • Exit Interviews



There are multiple HR-specific process automation packages on the market, however, we recommend a more global software package, one that can be implemented in as few or as many of your departments as you choose. This gives you the power to manage the expansion of process automation of your organisation at a rate that suits your business. It also means you are introducing only one additional tool, rather than individual software packages per department.

In terms of your HR department alone, Business Process Automation will enable you:

  1. Create and Leverage web-based forms on intranet sites for employees to submit travel requests, expense reports, and more
  2. Access HR records through a mobile device
  3. Streamline contract approval by incorporating digital signatures
  4. Establish automatic notifications upon application submissions
  5. Automate post-hire activities including employee benefits enrolment and performance reviews
  6. Ensure compliance with secured document storage
  7. Automated tracking for key milestones
  8. Learn automation best practices and gain inspiration from solution designs
  9. Leverage prebuilt templates
  10. Easily tailor templates to specific needs to save time and quickly deploy solutions

Bizquip work with a range of software vendors and automation tools to ensure we tailor the right solution for your business. We add value to your organisation through automation, whether that is one simple process that needs fine tuning, or a whole range of processes and bottlenecks that need solving.

Our Professional Services team, along with our in-house developers can accurately map out your HR process automation requirements and ensure that the glove fits.

To learn more about HR process automation and to understand the considerable benefits and savings it will offer your business, please speak to our team today


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