The Brennan and Co. Group

Creating an exciting new office layout for The Brennan and Co. Group. Overcoming the challenge of the need for increased office space without the need to relocate.

The Brennan and Co. Group has experienced growth in their business and as their business grew, so too did the team until they realised that they would have to make some big decisions; relocate to a completely new premises with capacity for their growing team or reimagine the interior design of their fantastic location in Sandyford to comfortably accommodate their entire team across all departments.

Given the history of the company and its origins which are all closely tied to Sandyford, the decision was made to reassess how they were using their office and commercial space rather than relocate.

In addition to their existing office space, The Brennan and Co. Group had an enviable in-house exhibition suite which they traditionally used to showcase their range of equipment and consumables, which they supply to the Life Sciences, Healthcare, Industrial, and Pharmacy sectors in Ireland. When closely evaluated, the team realised that as wonderful as the space was, it wasn’t being used in a full-time capacity, and the approach to how they showcased their products could be revisited.   The impact of this decision meant that they were able to redesignate and redesign approximately 257sq meters of floor space which we earmarked as additional workspace.

The existing office layout of the office space was made up of largely individual offices which worked for business during a certain phase but were no longer representative of the company culture in 2022 – now a group of 4 companies with a vibrant workforce of 129 people.

We came on board at this point and our approach involved bringing the office layout back to a blank canvas to create a new, modern, and bright open-plan space which included the removal of the majority of the individual offices.

The inclusion of the beautifully designed MDD design Ogi Y desks throughout gave us great flexibility in how we arranged employee spaces and the benefits of the built-in acoustic screen assisted the overall acoustic needs in the office and offered an element of personal privacy and space for each individual.

Ergonomics and ergonomic comfort were vital elements of our design, and it was only natural that we opted for the Humanscale Liberty task chair as the task seat of choice. The form-sensing mesh back supports each user’s unique pressure points while encouraging freedom of movement, the hands-free recline moves with you offering constant lumbar protection in any position.

The Humanscale M8 double monitor arm also contributed to the ergonomic assessment for each desk space, at the same time allowing for a clear and uncluttered desk.

Strategically placed acoustic screens from the team in Friends of Wilson enabled us to combine the important benefits of sound management with the ability to create zones that continued to allow all the benefits of the open plan area without closing spaces permanently.

The inclusion of bespoke planters and a range of stunning greenery added to the wellness factor with the injection of biophilia and also doubled as clever pieces of defining spaces in the open plan.

When asked for his feedback on the impact of the project,  Greg Brennan (Jnr) confirmed that “when as a team we identified that moving to a new premises was not the right decision for the company or our people, we struggled to understand how we could make our existing premises work and solve the problem that we were facing as the business grew; the shortage of the required office space.  Further to several detailed consults with Bizquip and their provision of CAD renders detailing what our new office could and would look like, it was clear to us that we had all we needed under our roof, we just needed to reimagine how we used it.  The process was made all the easier thanks to the extensive knowledge of the team, headed up by Keith Bannan, not to mention the range of furniture manufacturers that we could access through Bizquip. What we thought to be a potentially insurmountable problem became a pleasure of a project and we are delighted with the outcome.”

About The Brennan and Co. Group

The Brennan & Co Group, founded in Dublin in 1967, incorporates four companies – Brennan & Co, Brennan & Co NI, Brennan & Co SVS, and Irish Power and Process Ltd. The Group is a market leader in the supply and servicing of equipment, reagents, and consumables along with supply chain management to the Life Sciences, Healthcare, Industrial, and Pharmacy sectors in Ireland, Europe, and Asia.

  • 129 Staff
  • 4 companies
  • 7 Sales Teams
  • 16 Engineers
  • 4 Locations
  • 2000+ Customers
  • 24000sq ft Warehouse Space

We are delighted to share this wonderful video of the newly redesigned Brennan & Co offices in Dublin, giving you an insight into their business and the people that make it happen.

YouTube video

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