.IE office transformation. Bright, inviting, and effective workspaces.

a case study

Working with Think Contemporary, the award-winning Interior Architecture and Design practice in Dublin, we were delighted to be appointed as the furniture supplier for their recent project with their client .IE.  Many of you will know .IE as the national registry for .ie domain names, the preferred and trusted online address for business in Ireland. Think Contemporary and .IE are examples of two leading lights in their field of business in Ireland.

The project involved the re-design of .IE’s office, transforming it into a bright, inviting, and effective workspace, catering to all their key requirements including collaboration, break out, and informal meeting space. Workstations were designed around focused, desk-based tasks and privacy booths were included for quiet space.

Think Contemporary chose a bright and fresh colour palette injecting colour into the open plan with desk-mounted privacy screens, and upholstered seats in the meeting rooms and in the break-out spaces.

The Framery Maggie Q booths offer additional meeting space to cater to up to 4 people, but also satisfy the need for privacy in an open-plan environment, giving people a comfortable location to take a personal call or a confidential meeting. The Maggie is undeniably one of our most popular privacy booth options, designed with the utmost comfort in mind for both long and short stays which in part is thanks to the comfort of the furniture within, particularly the sofa, which focuses on support for the back and the neck when seated.

There was a strong focus on sustainability with the material selection for the Friends of Wilson hanging screens and the break-out furniture, with a preference towards natural wool materials.

An example of the impact of successful sustainability married with function and design is evident in these hanging screens which are made from 100% wool felt, which balances privacy, sound diffusion, and abstract design.  In keeping with the long-term considerations for sustainability for .IE, the hanging screens are built on a modular system with fixed or sliding panels. Panels can be layered on the multi-channel sliding track to easily and quickly close off and open up areas.  Plus, they can be easily swapped out in years to come if an alternative colour injection is required, thanks to the easy-to-use Velcro fixing.

The result? Quiet, private, and inspirational workspaces that encourage collaboration and learning and stimulate creativity.

On-desk power modules ensured the ease of charging personal devices whilst the .IE team works at their desks.

Ergonomics played a strong role in the consideration throughout the project with monitor arms supplied to give each user the ability to adjust their monitor screen to their personal choice for height and distance, whilst also creating more desk space for any document-based tasks required. Task seating was chosen from our Irish manufacturer, Thomas Montgomery due to the ergonomic, adjustable, and highly comfortable design of their range.  The perfect combination of form and function.

This was a really exciting project for our team to be involved in, three Irish companies working really well together, and, in our opinion, is a perfect example of how thoughtful design, sustainability considerations, and the use of colours can deliver an exceptional place of work.

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