Digitise Your Workplace and Help Your Staff be Happier

There is a lot of debate surrounding research connecting happiness with productivity at work. It’s long been suggested that happier employees have more ownership of their work and take on tasks with greater enthusiasm. One study suggests that happy workers are up to 20% more productive than their less happy counterparts. So where does digitisation fit in with all of this?

Happiness at work isn’t all about having a pool table or free coffee. It’s also about lots of other things, like regular feedback and having concerns or new ideas listened to. Often employees are the ones to suggest new ideas, like using technology tools more frequently. Most staff live in a digital world, regardless of their age or background and are well able to embrace new ways of working. Sometimes staff are more engaged with technology on a day to day basis, than their managers are. It’s often the case that leaders in organisations embrace the notion of digitisation to improve efficiency and save on costs. They often find along the way, that there is a positive side effect. Digitising your work, from managed print services to systems and processes just might also make your staff happier.

Reduce Repetitive Tasks. Make Work Worthwhile

Despite giant steps in data technology in recent decades, there are still plenty of workplaces where staff trudge back and forth to cabinets and offices in search of forms, documents or files. There are plenty of workplaces where historical data or documents are stored off-site or in the dark recesses of rooms or basements, nowhere near the staff who need them. Moving to a digitised system frees up time for staff; time to work on less mundane or repetitive tasks. Digital documentation and electronic document management, changing how data is stored and creating a workplace where information is easily accessed, all go toward making life easier for staff.

Happiness as work comes from what Paul Jun in The Next Web called “a desire for meaningful work, a sense of belonging or connection, ownership, creativity and purpose”. Maybe not everyone is going to find their creativity in the workplace, but at the very least they will be happier when they are freed up to do less tedious, time-consuming tasks. Digitisation helps along the way.

Discuss, Develop and Digitise

Employee engagement is key to creating an atmosphere where people perceive their employer as valuing them more. Regular feedback and good communication rank high for staff, in terms of feeling valued. Staff also cite things such as team days, relaxing spaces and breastfeeding facilities, charity fundraising and social clubs as things which show they are regarded as individuals as well as employees; things which make them happy. Staff also want to be part of change from the outset. Get staff on board early on. Prior to full digitisation of the workplace, team members, managers and directors will all have tasks that they find outdated, repetitive or unnecessary. They might also have suggestions for the experts you choose to guide digital transformation in your organisation. Discuss change with your staff before the changes start happening.

Develop your digital transformation strategy. This needs research into all the processes in your business or organisation. Developing a plan also needs the input of staff. Again, one of the things that makes people happier in work is good communication. Make your staff part of the strategy.

Digitise. Once you’ve got expert advice on digital transformation, make sure to follow through with all the aspects you’ve agreed with staff. User-friendly technology at work is something which scores high among staff. Researcher Elaine Rossall maintains than “offices are gaining hugely from technology that benefits employee wellness and productivity”. Digitising your workplace may have knock-on effects outside of efficiency. It may help your staff feel happier at work, which is something every organisation wants to hear.

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