Why your biggest IT Security Risk may be your Multi-Function Printer

Secure Printer Infrastructure Critical to Digital Transformation

How Safe is Your Office Printer?

Most of us at some stage, have received a warning from the IT department about some new malware or an email telling us not to open another virus laden email. We’re more conscious about IT security than ever before. From backing up and securing data to secure password procedures, employees are increasingly aware of the cyber security risks. Systems and software are put in place to protect desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, but do we have a blind spot when it comes to printers? While we’re busy creating security policies and procedures in some places, a lot of office printers are the open door, when it comes to inviting security breaches and hacking.


What are Printer Risks?

IT giants HP tell us that less than 2% of the world’s printers are secure. What does this mean for your office? It means that your office printers may be the biggest cyber risk in your business. A lack of focus on security and print management can create an opportunity for hackers. It becomes easier to intercept print jobs and gain access to material and data that’s sent to your printer.

It’s not just your physical printed material that’s at risk. Hackers can use your printer to get around the company firewall and access other sensitive information on the company network. Whether it’s to gain confidential financial data or spread malware within your company, hackers increasingly use the printer network to steal data and disrupt businesses.

So, what can you do about the security risk posed by your printers? The first thing to remember is that every printer decision is a security decision. Print management processes and security can greatly reduce your risk. Talk to a managed print services expert about secure printing and end point security.

Improve End Point Security – Things You Can Do

While your printers may be the weak link in the cyber security chain, there are things you can do to change that. Print management solutions that have an eye on IT infrastructure security, can also be more cost effective as closer monitoring of print jobs and user access becomes the norm. There are things that you can do to protect your printers from attack. Managed print services can provide things like:

  • Built in malware protection for your printers
  • Automatic monitoring printers for threats
  • BIOS defence system
  • Control of data
  • User authentication for each print job
  • Secure printing supports

It’s important to include your printers in your overall IT security plan, policies and procedures to protect your confidential data and staff information.  Making sure that user authentication and secure printing are core to your organisation’s document process and having a system that is constantly monitoring for threats even when the office door closes at night, are crucial. Don’t make your printers an open door for hackers.

Managed Print Services

At Bizquip, we work with businesses to enhance their IT endpoint and print security using managed print services. From capturing information, managing it, digitising it, collaborating with it, storing it, retrieving it and printing it, we create a document management and print solution tailor made for each business. From supplying secure printers to creating the right print security plan, we can look after all your document management needs.

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