February 28, 2023

How 3D renders create a real time visual

As commercial interiors experts, we are in a fortunate position of being able to interpret, understand and visualise layouts and space planning solutions for workspaces. This is what we do on an everyday basis and thanks to our intimate knowledge of our vast collection of commercial manufacturers, their commercial furniture solutions, and of course commercial interior trends, ergonomics, best practice, and practical solutions, it is something we sometimes take for granted. That said, it is impossible to expect the same of our clients, each of whom has that same intimate knowledge in their field of expertise.  Asking anyone to visualise what is in the mind of another is always an impossible task. 

Floor plans and layouts are often presented in a 2D format which supplies you with a map showing where the furniture will be set out and how much space it will take up. These are obviously critical elements in the planning of a new or commercial interior, but they do not join the design dots in helping people visualise the end result.  

3D visual renders on the other hand bring immediate life and a clear visual direction to any project.  They showcase our space planning recommendations in a clear and effective format and work as a key tool in showcasing the furniture we are recommending.   

Our in-house CAD specialist Alison works alongside our Interiors Sales team, on a consultative basis and uses her in-depth knowledge, experience, and skills to create such 3D renders for our clients, meaning we can supply a series of renders that are completely lifelike and create a vision of what our team has in store for you. 

A perfect example of this is our recent work with our client MJ Hudson.  In recent times, the Dublin office of MJ Hudson relocated from a historic Georgian building to a new and modern office building in Dublin 2. This gave the team a blank canvas in terms of what they could do from a design and interior perspective. That said, it presented a challenge in that they were moving from a Georgian office where open plan spaces were much smaller and meeting rooms more reserved to their new location which encouraged a much more modern office design that centered around communication, collaboration, shared thinking and more, brought with it a new way of imagining how the space should be used.  

2D floor plans were vital in terms of measuring and planning the space, but this project really came to life with the introduction of the 3D renders which tied our proposed design and colour schemes together completely.  

This project was the epitome of collaboration with the coming together of MJ Hudson, our commercial furniture experts in Bizquip, our Senior Account Manager John Quinn, and our in-house CAD expert Alison, collectively we brought their concept to reality on paper first and then in real life. Our expert team of Fitters also ensured the end result matched the agreed concept at the installation phase of the project, mirroring the 3D visuals in reality.  

To learn more about the MJ Hudson project and the importance of the use of 3D renders, you can read more here.  

The images below are a combination of our 3D renders for this project and actual photographs from the finished project, we feel it is difficult to tell them apart! 

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