August 24, 2023

Hybrid Offices: Driving Innovation and Efficiency in the workplace

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We are now embedded in the era of hybrid offices, combining both remote and in-office work to offer employees flexibility while maintaining in-person connection to achieve results. A considered and well-planned workspace, tailored to your company’s vision, goals and values can create a truly positive working environment, driving innovation, creativity, and efficiency. Our latest article highlights the key considerations in which office interiors can positively impact a company’s culture to drive innovation and efficiency.


Multiple work settings: Quiet spaces for focused tasks, height adjustable desks for sit-stand requirements and project spaces for collaboration enable employees to choose a specific work setting to best suit their task at hand when in the office. Acoustic booths and privacy pods are now commonplace in workspaces, provided to facilitate personal calls, private or confidential meetings or act as a quiet space in an open floor plan when a deadline looms. Comfortable, relaxed zones for research of cross-collaboration assist with knowledge sharing, thus driving innovation and creativity in the workspace.


Flexible spaces: Flexible spaces that can be reconfigured to accommodate different tasks and encourage collaboration amongst colleagues are very popular. Think agile furniture such as folding tables, tables on castors, extendable tables, height adjustable tables, mixed height seating, stackable seating, poufs and swivel chairs. All of these options can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different tasks in the same space.


Social spaces: It is now common practice that in-office work centres around collaboration, socialising with colleagues and participating in formal meetings in person. Social spaces have heightened in demand in workspaces, with many companies seeking to incorporate informal break out spaces into their office design. The hospitality sector is having a growing influence in workspace design, with lounge chairs, sofas and informal seating now commonplace in the office.


Leveraging technology: The right technology infrastructure is critical to the success of a hybrid working model. Effective communication is key to an efficient workplace and hybrid models will not function without technology such as video conferencing systems, interactive screens, docking stations and power & charging solutions for personal devices. All of the above make for a seamless transition when moving from remote to in-office working.


Having the above spaces and considerations in place in the workplace facilitates productivity, encourages collaboration and fosters creativity and positive interactions. Incorporating biophilic design and ergonomics will further enhance a sense of well-bring among employees, which in turn will positively impact a company’s culture.


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