August 23, 2023

Going green – How introducing a print management solution through Bizquip can help you achieve your ESG & Sustainability goals.

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Over the last number of years, our team have seen a huge drive towards sustainable procurement for our clients, many of which have specific ESG & sustainability strategies to ensure they are doing what they can to have a positive impact on the environment.

Bizquip have also taken steps to ensure we are making an ongoing positive impact on the environment, which you can read more about here.

Office printing is one area that often comes up in conversation and is often assumed to have a negative environmental impact, but if managed correctly with the right managed print solution and partner, this is certainly not the case.

In the following article, we highlight how implementing the right managed print solution can have a net-positive environmental impact with the support of Bizquip.

Print management that helps save the earth.

Printing has long been an essential aspect of most business operations, but it can often come at a cost to both the environment and the bottom line. Excessive printing not only contributes to paper waste but also consumes energy and resources. This is where a print management solution like PaperCut comes into play.

Papercut is a managed print software that helps hundreds of millions of people around the world to minimise waste, while having a secure and easy printing experience. Some of the environmental benefits of introducing Papercut include:

Reduced Paper Waste

PaperCut allows you to monitor and control printing activities across your organisation. Bizquip help you set print quotas, enable duplex or mono only printing by default, and can encourage employees to think twice before hitting that “Print” button. By reducing unnecessary printing, you’ll be minimising paper waste and decreasing the demand for raw materials.

Energy Conservation

PaperCut’s intelligent print job routing ensures that print jobs are sent to the most energy-efficient printer devices available. This not only reduces energy consumption but also lowers operational costs. By optimising your printing infrastructure, you can make a significant contribution to your company’s carbon footprint reduction.

Data-Driven Insights

The data provided by PaperCut’s reporting and analytics features can offer valuable insights into your organisation’s printing habits. This information can guide you in making informed decisions on how to further optimise your print environment for sustainability. For instance, you can identify high-volume print areas and implement targeted strategies to minimise waste in those locations. This, paired with our bespoke monitoring software, Bizvision, will enable our team (or yours) to monitor all print devices accurately from your desk, reducing the need to each device individually when a problem may arise.

Encouraging Behavioural Change

With PaperCut, you have the power to engage employees in your sustainability journey. By setting print limits and encouraging responsible printing behaviour’s, you’re fostering a culture of mindfulness and environmental stewardship among your workforce.

Remote Printing Control

In today’s hybrid work models, enabling remote printing control is essential. PaperCut allows employees to print documents from their devices while still adhering to sustainability policies. This flexibility promotes efficiency without compromising on your ESG goals.


Along with Papercut, Bizquip also partners with global market leading manufacturers such as Ricoh and HP, both of which have a strong focus on sustainable practices including carbon neutral certificates for all print hardware.

Finally, by signing up to our global reforestation programme in partnership with PrintReleaf, you can have a net-positive impact on the environment, safe in the knowledge that any time you or a colleague click print, you are contributing to the reforestation of the planet.

Both Papercut and our reforestation programme can be implemented on any existing print hardware or managed print solution without the need to upgrade printers or photocopiers.

For a brief demonstration or for more information, contact our workplace technology team here.

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