Laserfiche, Don’t Just Build Software. They Transform Enterprise.

Laserfiche The range of Laserfiche solutions makes organizations smarter, more collaborative, more efficient and more effective. Laserfiche, don’t just build software. They transform enterprise. Through world-leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM), the range of Laserfiche solutions offered by Bizquip enables you to manage documents, videos, photos and other content helping you eliminate paper, reduce overheads and influence innovation.  Why should you use Laserfiche? Greater responsibility sits on the shoulders of organisations  in terms of their obligations to the Data Protection Act (GDPR), and to protect themselves and their clients from breaches in data security and complex financial fraud. The implementation of a secure, document automation driven process which significantly reduces compliance risk and is necessary in a time when digital content is due to grow by 50x (2010-2020). Enterprise Content Management from Laserfiche offers a comprehensive solution throughout the full document management lifecycle and is highly relevant from the perspective of both IT departments and individual business units. Laserfiche ECM offers the IT department a central point of control and offers more ownership and efficiencies in terms of software and hardware management and maintenance. Individual departments can customize the product,  enabling them to evaluate efficiencies in their department right down to individual activities.  What Can Laserfiche Do for You? Laserfiche is based on 6 key processes:
  1. Instant Document Capture
  2. Secure Document Storage
  3. Full Text Search and Retrieval
  4. Automation of Business Processes
  5. Granular Document Security
  6. Digitally capture, allocate and approve forms
  When combined, these processes ensure that your organisation will save time and money by securely managing documents and information – ultimately improving efficiency and minimising overheads. This robust technology allows structured information to be easily defined and securely shared across multiple departments or teams. By digitising your documents and automating your process, you will be allowing the right people to access the right information at the right time.   Laserfiche by markets Laserfiche has been developed with data-heavy sectors in mind and is the ideal solution for
  • Financial Services (Credit Unions, Wealth Management & Insurance)
  • Healthcare Providers (Nursing Homes, Medical Practices and Private Clinics)
  • Corporations ( Data-driven / Data reliant / Data Sharing operations)
The successful implementation and development of your Laserfiche solution is based on a strong partnership and dedicated management by our extensive team in Bizquip.   To understand more and identify what solutions will suit your company best, speak to our team now on 01 217 8000.



As Airbnb’s business expanded, so did their office needs. Bizquip was selected as furniture vendor to supply the furniture package for this project, with a floor space of 36,500 sq. ft.

Monaghan County Council

By integrating existing systems with Laserfiche content management, Monaghan County Council has digitised their paper documents, enabled automation of updates to their database and supported efficient planning and procurement of maintenance services.