The Evolution of The Workplace – Agile and Innovative

Workplace Evolution

For many years Bizquip has witnessed the impact of changing demographics and how that ties in with emerging technologies, especially in the areas of managed print, remote access, cloud-based document storage, data security and much more. As a result, businesses are learning to adapt and evolve continually.


Traditionally, a company’s IT infrastructure didn’t extend beyond physical computers and the required software for the user.  Today, with the digital landscape constantly evolving, a company’s successful operations sit firmly on the shoulders of those responsible for IT and now incorporates managed print solutions, electronic document storage, data compliance, data management and  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions at a minimum. The expectation is that regardless of the time of day or the location of the employee – work can continue unencumbered and securely.

Digitisation is a key element of a company planning for ‘Future Readiness’ and as previously mentioned, this means agility and innovation – mirroring the now and next generation.

Future Needs

On a local level, the future of the Irish workforce and its needs will be defined by the changing influence of smarter cities, demographics, urbanisation, the growth in remote working and housing constraints. This will shape the decisions made by employers in how their physical environments, work practices, and employment strategies will change and be (re)structured and how they must react to this for the long-term security of their business.

Innovation for consideration

Daily, we work with our clients to close the circle in their Internet of Things workflow with the integration of smart end-user machines, apps, management tools and numerous cloud-based solutions all of which allow for continual connectivity, mobility, and security.

Successful Collaboration

Successful companies rely on successful collaboration. That is a collaboration between colleagues and between departments. The increased recognition that remote working offers access to a greater pool of talent means that those colleagues and departments might not be under the same physical roof.

As a result, online tools are no longer viewed as an asset, but an absolute necessity to enable the anytime/anywhere business operations and shared workspaces.

Online tools and IoT connected devices lead to more efficient communication and project execution, as well as employee productivity and workflow efficiencies. This not only supports and empowers employees but also benefits the business in a multitude of ways.

Remote is the future

The growing demand for workplace mobility and remote working capability cannot be ignored. As such, it is imperative that when developing a company’s IT infrastructure and implementing a cohesive IoT strategy that devices are built to be user-friendly and for flexibility, connectivity and unlimited in their functionality versus the office-based alternative and most importantly secure, ensuring confidence in the protection of data and documents.

Where to next?                   

It is an undisputed fact that the successful evolution of the workplace will foster a more productive environment for employees and solutions will become more agile thanks to innovation, technology, and connectivity.

It is important to develop a roadmap – to understand the future from a global perspective both in terms of operational technology, innovation and in terms of your own products and services. To understand how this will impact on your business functions and what will be expected of you by your consumers and by your employees.

Engage the right experts from your IT management team through to your service providers.  They must be able to work with you in your plans for growth, develop strategies, and collaborate with you and your business at every turn. With the right team around you, you will easily future proof your business and position yourself for growth.

Embrace new technologies and plan for technological innovation; consider your data obligations and security, implement cost-saving initiatives – value the benefit of positive change.  Do you require cloud-based document storage? Are you recognising the need to move away from traditional print solutions to manage print solutions?  What software best integrates with your current solutions? Who is the most capable service provider…? Service being the key.

Understand that the decisions you make in terms of adopting the right technology will elevate your workforce, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The evolution of the workplace is happening now and now is the time to plan for transformation – enabling you to lead the charge and secure long-term success into the future.

Mark Cashen is Sales Manager in the Technology Division of Bizquip

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