The Importance of Document Management For Your Hybrid Workforce

COVID-19 has changed the working landscape and in a move that happened overnight, businesses across Ireland were forced to relocate to the homes of their employees. This is a practice that we are required to embrace for the foreseeable, and for many, it will reshape how businesses operate in the long term. Working from home has proven to be greatly beneficial and after an initial period of adjustment, many employers and employees are reaping the benefits in terms of productivity and a beneficial work/ life balance.

Whilst we are required to work from home where possible, for some, the return to the workplace has been necessary. As a result, the business community has adapted to a hybrid way of working with their teams split between the office and working from home.

Technology has enabled us to work remotely and for many companies, the implementation of new document management tools has further enhanced their capabilities in terms of successfully managing the business via a dispersed workforce. Many companies were confidently prepared for this change which has allowed them to operate a seamless digital workplace enabling easy adaption to this new way of working and ensuring continuity.

Others have not been as prepared and have faced complex issues around the ability to remotely share, access and secure their documents and manage workflows in a safe and efficient manner. This is also leading to increased network loads and other operational issues around their IT infrastructure which has led to decreased efficiencies.

Why is the digital workplace so important?

Ensuring that your company operates with the best technology and processes to enable your employees work as productively at home as they do in your office is highly important as it bridges the gap of physical absences between your departments

It is best identified by ascertaining the following:

  • What information will your employees need to access to successfully do their work?
  • Where and how is this information currently stored?
  • Is remote access seamless and secure?
  • Do your current systems for document management allow for online collaboration?
  • Can my business comfortably continue and grow with our current digital set up?

In a recent global survey conducted by Robert Walters Recruitment and published via RTE – 93% of workers confirmed they would like opportunity to work from home with 1 in 10 stating they would like to work from home permanently.  However, eight in ten companies said the experience of Covid-19 would likely encourage more homeworking in the future with over a third of all companies surveyed confirming they have not yet defined their return to work strategy.

The success of a remote/hybrid workforce, the uplift in productivity it is delivering, along with other benefits including improved morale and lower absence rates, relies on seamless digitisation of your processes. The ability to work without hindrance or frustration.

What Document Management Solutions Should Be Considered?

 A well-designed digital workplace will not only help you today but will grow with your company, benefitting you in the future.

With the range of automation solutions that we offer in Bizquip, such as the suite of  products from Laserfiche, which through automated business processes and a range of products designed specifically for Local Government, Education, the Legal Sector and Corporations will remotely and securely enable you to

  • Implement efficient workflows – accessed and operated by your team, regardless of location
  • Swiftly Create new workflows in response to the requirement of the business
  • Manage Documents
  • Cut Down On Costs
  • Cut Down On Production Times
  • Deal With Supply Chain Bottlenecks

For others, the Smart Applications on the IMC range of Ricoh devices, enables your team scan directly to a range of secure cloud-based applications for easy and secure storing, indexing, and sharing at the touch of a button.

We have previously discussed why automated processes and digital document management tools are underestimated and underutilised and now more than ever, are our words are ringing true.

In addition to the Laserfiche and Ricoh examples quoted here, Bizquip can offer a range of intelligent, scalable document management and collaboration tools to suit businesses of all sizes.  To understand more and identify a solution specific to your needs, tap into our 36 years’ experience in this field and speak to our Solutions team today on 01 217 8000 or via


About the Author James Leyden, Director of the Technology Division at Bizquip

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