#WFH – Our Top Product Picks / Preferred Product Picks

#WFH – Our Top Product Picks / Preferred Product Picks

Despite the struggle of the pandemic from a work perspective, the upside is that we at Bizquip have come into our own with regard to our knowledge of workspaces and how to get the most from your equipment and space. The individual has always been the heart of the workplace, therefore there are multiple requirements we consider for your productivity, health & wellbeing. Who doesn’t love free quality advice? So no more ignoring ergonomic practices which can result in fatigue headache stress and muscle injury over time, our top product picks provide you with the best working tools:

  • Deskspace – will vary depending on the individual
  • Sitting or standing desk – height adjustable ideally
  • Seating – ergonomic, adjustable, supportive
  • Screen heights & adjustable monitor arms
  • Ergonomic mouse and keyboard
  • Task Lighting – Nova Light from Humanscale slimline task light that wirelessly charges your phone

Factors that you can control

  • Biophilia
  • Artwork
  • Coffee dispenser
  • Candle / diffuser
  • Soft furnishings
  • Regular movement, 5 min mobility stretch, walk and talk

With that in mind, check out our Top Picks and let us assist you in choosing the best options:

Diffrient World Task Chair from HUMANSCALE

Designer Niels Diffrient wanted to create the most minimal, full-function task chair ever made. With an innovative tri-panel mesh backrest that provides custom back and lumbar support and a lightweight design, Diffrient World is, like all of Humanscale’s products, simple, beautiful, and functional.

The design eliminates the need for traditional mechanisms, instead of using the laws of physics and the sitter’s body weight to offer perfect recline for each individual sitter. Diffrient World offers the ultimate user-friendly sitting experience.

Ease of use and effortless functionality: uses the laws of physics and harnesses the user’s body weight to automatically provide the right amount of recline for every individual, every time.

Weight-sensitive recline that adjusts automatically and armrests that are attached to the back of the chair so they move with the user for ergonomic comfort,

Diffrient World provides custom comfort for every sitter: eliminates the requirement for a separate lumbar support, the backrest perfectly conforms to the sitter’s entire back as if custom made for them.

High quality, affordable task chair with minimal parts.

Built with longevity in mind and will look as good in ten years as it does today

Humanscale Horizon Light 

In a recent blog article, we discussed the importance of task lighting in greater detail. Our task lighting blog

  • Highly sustainable, sleek design – award winning
  • Light that is bright and true-to-life.
  • Ultra- wide and glare-free, this beam casts a single shadow on a work surface and negates the need for additional task lighting.
  • With its striking minimal design, Horizon is at home in residential, contract, and hospitality environments.
  • Available in six vibrant colors.

Iconic Status

The first table light to use Thin Film LED Technology, Horizon is a Red Dot Award winner that is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

The Handmade Soap Company  Candle / Diffuser

From the home fragrance range, we are a proud stocker of this Irish company that has the environment and sustainability at heart. Full of essential oils, vegan, recycled materials, and recyclable. Bring these gorgeous scents such as Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme & Mint, Sweet Orange, Basil and Frankincense, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg & Pine to your home whilst supporting Irish.


As we continue to work from home the psychological benefits of connecting with nature and bringing it indoors have never been clearer. Houseplants are no longer merely decorative; they are a necessity for wellbeing. Refresh & renew by keeping that connection alive and simultaneously keep your creative brain invigorated. Power up your home with plants.

You can find more information in our blog article here

Electric Height-Adjustable Desk

The Compact Drive is the perfect solution for work at home with it’s easy-to use control panel that quickly adjusts the height allowing a smooth transition from sitting to standing. Dual purpose but also with the additional advantage of the foldable legs allowing storage even in small rooms whilst the wheels allow easy mobility. A compact worktop also lends itself to space saving at home. Available in 4 colours.

Compact Desk

We know how challenging compact or student space can be. Whether working at home or studying remotely Bizquip stock several solutions from foldable to wall mounted to compact.

Find out how we can improve your workplace.

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