Biophilia And Your Home Office

Having spent months isolating this year, if the pandemic has taught us anything it is how to value our connection with nature. Outdoor activities have increased exponentially. Walking, running, hiking, cycling, sea swimming are our downtime saviours. There is a more deeply rooted reason than “we have more time”. We go to nature because it is restorative. It calms us, refreshes, and revitalises us, and has a healing effect. In Japan ‘forest bathing’ is prescribed. We may not be there yet in this part of the world, however, any connection to nature that works for you is the best one. We took more notice of nature this year and reaped the benefit so why not take it indoors in the colder months and continue to benefit?

As we continue to work from home the psychological benefits of connecting with nature and bringing it indoors have never been clearer. Houseplants are no longer merely decorative; they are a necessity for wellbeing. Refresh & renew by keeping that connection alive and simultaneously keep your creative brain invigorated.

How can I replicate biophilic design at home?

~ If you are an anti-clutter minimalist and want to keep your space neutral, simply introduce the green into your neutral space through paint and plants or a minimalist nod to nature through some artwork/photography.

~ Feeling extra? Create a tropical escape using oversized plants to fill the space and bathe in the lush greenery. Hang them overhead for that canopy effect.

~ If you are not one of those blessed with green fingers then keep it understated with a small plant or perhaps some small succulents that will survive on minimal water for weeks!

Bring the outdoors in and avoid your space going stale. Visual greenery calms the senses focuses concentration and purifies the air. It’s an easy win and given we spend an estimated 11 hours a day on technology and up to 93% of our time indoors, that deep-rooted human connection with nature provides us with an undeniable biologically restorative effect.

Remember that over time the blue lights from screens deplete our energy levels which is why introducing biophilia into our home is so beneficial, especially as we are now entering that time of year when natural light is fading and we are more reliant on harsher light indoors.

Connect with the simpler things in life. Re-energise your workspace. Lean into nature’s greenery for staying recharged and refreshed (a challenge for us all), thankfully Mother Nature is providing us with age old tools to help us on our way.

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