What is the Optimal Office and Does Yours Measure Up?

The success, productivity and performance of your business relies on people. However, to ensure an optimal office, it is important to look at your workspaces,  processes and technology, the latter of which lies at the heart of your journey towards an optimal workplace.  The optimal office is achieved through the successful amalgamation of technology, process, people and the workplace.


When implementing and investing in technology, it is vital that you make considerations in terms of how you empower your team, enabling them to work where and how they feel most productive. This might be through the devices you provide or infrastructure that allows for flexible working.  Workspaces should be designed with technology and space at its heart,  which encourages collaboration and different ways of working.

As a result of the constantly evolving digital landscape, optimal offices should be incorporating managed print solutions, electronic document storage, data compliance, data management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions at a minimum. The expectation is that employees can work unencumbered and securely at any time of the day.

In research recently carried out by Ricoh Ireland in conjunction with Oxford University, it was identified that Irish employees revealed that the improvement of technology would have the greatest impact on the amount of time they spend at work, how they collaborate with colleagues and those outside the organisation, and the generation of creative ideas.

Process Improvements

Processes, efficiencies, cost and time management are constantly in the spotlight in a competitive business environment. Central to this is the use of intelligent technologies built on rule-based workflows, designed to minimise human intervention, or by reducing the reliance on hard copy documents in favour of digitised alternatives.  Cost savings are also quickly achieved when managed print solutions are implemented and real-time analytics across your technologies enables an ongoing evaluation of the efficiencies achieved or where required, identifies the need for further review.

The combination of streamlined workflows with the digitization of information coupled with the right tools will ensure an increase in business performance and agility.


The success of your business relies on your people and understanding their needs. These needs will span everything from the office environment in which they work as we discussed recently,  in addition to their IT requirements – both in terms of hardware and software.  In the same breath, it is also about empowering them, enabling flexibility in their work,  positioning yourself to adopt a remote working policy and encouraging them to embrace the positive changes you are planning to implement to achieve your optimal office  workspace.

By recognising their needs and adapting where possible, you are already offering a workplace that will encourage greater productivity, higher levels of retention and in many ways opportunities to upskill as they work. You are unlocking their potential through your Optimal Office strategies.


Long gone are the days of grey offices with uniform furniture, limited in comfort and functionality.  High on the agenda are commercial interiors that are designed to inspire and are human-centric in their function and comfort.

This human-centric approach includes everything from workstations, task chairs, monitor arms, acoustic screens, soft seating to meeting booths and scrum rooms, storage, and whiteboards.

Aesthetic considerations are important but must be combined with careful consideration of space planning, functionality, and ergonomics.  Success will be achieved with an intimate understanding of how your team works and responding in a manner that unlocks their potential.

Investing in an optimal office ethos enables your team to excel and fulfill their potential whilst enabling your company to grow.

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