Bizquip is delighted to announce partnership with Spacestor

Dublin, 20th July, Bizquip is delighted to announce partnership with Spacestor the creators of workspace furniture that combines California cool with London design.

Bizquip, provides a single source solution to all office requirements across furniture and interiors, equipment and software solutions and stationery supplies. Recognised as a  renowned leader in the office furniture and workplace solutions since 1984,  has chosen to partner with Spacestor to drive out further innovation and leadership in the interiors space in Ireland.

From their experience working with both cultures and clients like Google, Apple and Jaguar Land Rover, they know how the workspace environment can drive employee engagement and build culture.  Throughout nearly three decades, they have established themselves as a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking in the UK.

The average person spends one-third of their life at work and a further one-third of that time on email! That’s 90,000 hours. The time spent at work profoundly impacts on happiness and ultimately, employees life’s outcome.

Bizquip and Spacetor know how important work is to employees and are continuously keeping pace with new interior trends and culture changes lead by tech-driven and design-led millennials to enrich the lives of employees and increase productivity and reduce costs.

Working with Bizquip and Spacestor your business will be ensured a happy, productive and cool working environment.

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