April 15, 2024

Introducing Framery Smart Pods – A better place – and way – to work

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Framery, a specialist and world-class manufacturer of acoustic pods, has just launched an exciting new generation of Smart Pods. The industry-leading pod manufacturer’s new soundproof spaces are private, fully connected workstations that make it easier than ever to find and book a space to work, and automatically adjust to the needs of those inside. Say hello to the next era of the workplace, with innovative technology and quality engineering found across the entire family of Framery smart pods.

Framery’s new smart pods are a huge step forward in office design. These soundproof, private workspaces are packed with technology that make it better than ever to work from the office – from effortlessly locating and reserving pods to maximizing productivity throughout your day.

Like the Framery pods before them, they are a blend of style, functionality, and sustainability – all enhanced by new technology.

Framery’s new line of smart pods improve upon the world-class soundproofing, industry-leading ventilation, and captivating design that have established Framery pods the global benchmark in quality and innovation.

Privacy you can trust: The fine-tuned acoustic structure provides A-Class soundproofing that allows the pod to be placed next to workstations without causing noise distractions to the user or to those outside of the pod. And echo-free interior acoustics make the pod a private, comfortable place for work and video calls.

Airflow that keeps you fresh: The pod recognizes when it’s occupied, senses the temperature and humidity of the surroundings, and triggers adjustments to the airflow accordingly. Enhanced ventilation fully refreshes the air every minute, and ventilation can be easily adjusted through the pod’s touchscreen display.
Lighting that makes you feel good: The automated light sources offer preset lighting modes for video calls or focused work, with adjustments easily made through the touchscreen.

The Smart Pod collection includes:

Framery One Compact™
A quiet, connected, one-person phone booth that provides unmatched privacy for phone and video calls from the office.

Framery One™
A smart and spacious one-person office pod optimized for video calls and focus work.

Framery Four™
A meeting pod for up to 4 people that is perfectly engineered for face-to-face meetings and hybrid work from the office.

Framery Six™
A meeting room for up to 6 engineered for collaborative teamwork and optimized for face-to-face and hybrid brainstorming.

Test and review the new Framery pods in our Sandyford showroom, coming soon, to see how this next generation of smart spaces can transform your entire office – and improve the way work gets done. And with minimal lead times and maximum availability, it’s easy to elevate your workplace with these beautiful new smart pods from Framery.

Our expert team of workplace specialists will carry out complimentary space planning services to ensure the favoured smart pod will fit in your office space. We will also carry out an assessment of your building to ensure access is feasible and our team of in-house Fitters at Bizquip Interiors will complete the installation to ensure minimal disruption to you and your office.

Click here for more insights on the benefits of acoustic pods, and why companies continue to invest in this furniture solution.

Get in touch here to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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