June 26, 2024

Book desks, meeting rooms & car spaces, automate visitor management, analyse workplace occupancy, and much more with Flowscape

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Flowscape’s workplace management tool 

Flowscape is a cloud-based booking and analytics tool that automates the ongoing management of the workplace, creating a smart environment by optimising functionality of the office.

The comprehensive solution provides everything your business needs to streamline and enhance your workspace.


The cornerstone of the Flowscape solution suite is the Flowmap, an interactive map of your workplace highlighting desks, rooms, resources, and points of interest.

Available resources are depicted in green on our Flowmap, while booked or occupied ones are shown in red. The Flowmap is available via mobile app, desktop web application, or kiosk screen displays throughout the workplace.

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Easily plan your workweek and coordinate with colleagues using Flowscape’s FlowPlanner solution. With a user-friendly interface, employees can seamlessly schedule their office attendance in flexible work environments, checking available spaces and coordinating with others’ schedules. They can indicate their status (Office, Remote, or Off work) and plan attendance based on space availability, reducing overcrowding, and enabling productive ad-hoc collaboration. The system also offers an overview of attendees during emergencies and enables data-driven space management strategies for optimised office utilisation.

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Desk Management

Flowscape’s desk management solution facilitates smooth transitions to flexible seating, enabling companies to seamlessly adapt to office, remote, and hybrid work arrangements while maximising workspace efficiency. Key attributes include desk bookings with flexible rules, optimal desk selection based on equipment and seat availability, sensor-based monitoring of hot desks and drop-in rooms, and accurate data insights for desk utilisation and equipment error reporting.

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Room Management

Flowscape ensures seamless handling of the entire booking process, covering room reservations, guest invitations, and room location. Scalable for organisations of all sizes, it aligns perfectly with hybrid workplaces, offering efficient room management, integrated booking, and enhanced workplace experiences, including streamlined room management with Room Displays. Core functions include overview of bookable rooms, instant scheduling, and wayfinding. Direct booking from calendars, easy participant invitations, ghost booking prevention and room utilisation analysis.

flowscape room booking

Resource Management

Flowscape’s resource management solution optimises resource usage in your office, providing advanced features and a user-friendly interface. Easily reserve parking spots, bike racks, pet seats, and more via mobile or web interfaces, whether in advance or upon arrival. Detailed reports offer insights into resource utilisation. Features include real-time availability checks, ad-hoc options, permanent assignments, specific resource identification, visual indicators, and comprehensive analysis with issue reporting.

flowscape parking management

Workplace Analytics

Gain unparalleled visibility and transparency into office space utilisation by leveraging Flowscape’s presence sensors and people counting sensors to track booked resources, instances of no-shows, the duration of resource usage, and the number of occupants in each area.

This comprehensive insight is facilitated by Flowscape’s sensors and robust analytics portal. Access real-time data on the usage of rooms, desks, and various zones within your office environment. Analyse this data across different time frames, including monthly, weekly, or daily views, or specify a custom period for analysis. Apply the collected insights to optimise office resource allocation and enable informed, data-driven decisions to be made relating to your actual workspace requirements.

flowscape analytics platform

Visitor Management

Flowscape’s Visitor Management Solution provides end-to-end support for the visitor experience, from streamlined check-ins to real-time notifications. Ensuring security and hospitality, it enhances efficiency and visitor satisfaction with a comprehensive approach to visitor management.

flowscape visitor management

Flowscape Solutions

Combine Flowscape’s smart solutions to create the perfect digital experience across all your offices. Multi-tenant functionality enables the booking of both your company’s and shared resources in the same building, while Flowscape’s Bluetooth indoor positioning solution locates colleagues even when they are on the go.

The indoor positioning system can also serve as an in-house Wayfinding system. Flowscape can integrate with access control systems to restrict access to those who have booked a desk or a meeting. Flowscape’s cloud platform is built on open-interface technology, making it seamless to integrate our solutions with your existing IT systems.

Bizquip’s solution experts will design the optimum solution that not only addresses your present workplace requirements but also anticipates the future needs of your organisation.

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