February 6, 2024

How occupancy analytics provided by Bizquip can give your office a reboot

flowscape app and web app

The last thing that an employer wants is their employees arriving into the office with nowhere to work. With hybrid working, tools to manage occupancy are more important now than ever before.

Our Workplace experience applications such as Flowscape allow users to pre-book multiple locations in an office from desks, meeting spaces such as meeting rooms, collaboration and huddle areas, right down to car spaces.

In a nutshell, our Flowscape portal will give you customisable booking, 3D office overview, sensor technology and an analytics portal.

This gives employees the flexibility to plan for the days they will be in the office, guaranteeing them a meeting space or desk to work from, depending on their needs. It provides management with real-time data for strategy and planning and also gives valuable insights into how such spaces are being utilised, in real-time.

Many of our clients recognise the need for such tools in order to manage a hybrid working policy effectively. We have highlighted the key benefits of how measuring occupancy can improve your workplace in a previous article linked here.

We are continuously with our clients to implement these workplace analytics solutions to help them improve office utilization, reduce operating costs and crucially, provide visibility to ensure enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Flowscape’s statistical portal, an integrated module called FlowAnalytics will ensure you can cut out assumptions and guesswork, instead providing you with data-driven insights to identify trends and make evidence-based decisions to improve your workplace.


Please get in touch with us here for more information about occupancy analytics or to request a demo.

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