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A Brand new video conferencing and Audio Visual solution for Mitsubishi Electric Ireland. Mitsubishi Electric Ireland engaged the Workplace Technology team at Bizquip to scope, design, supply, and support new market-leading Audio Visual and Video Conferencing technology for their training facility and meeting spaces for their Dublin Headquarters.

Mitsubishi Electric Ireland is one of the world’s leading names in the manufacturing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment used across a multitude of industries. With 145,000+ employees across 203 offices globally, Mitsubishi Electric Ireland is truly a recognised world leader in appliances, electrical, and electronics manufacturing.  

Mitsubishi Electric Ireland engaged the Workplace Technology team at Bizquip to scope, design, supply, and support new market-leading Audio Visual and Video Conferencing technology for their training facility and meeting spaces for their Dublin Headquarters. 

It was important to Mitsubishi Electric Ireland that Bizquip incorporated large interactive screens, particularly in the training facility to enable collaboration, and that the technology provided was easily integrated into their MS operating system and worked seamlessly with MS Teams.  

Training Room:  

The training room in Mitsubishi Electric Ireland is of huge importance and was essential for them to upgrade their existing Audio-Visual equipment which was outdated and no longer fit for purpose.  

Bizquip installed two Newline 86” LYRA interactive screens with mini pcs in the training room to enable collaboration with high-quality visuals.  

We opted for a Yealink MVC940 Teams video conferencing solution which included two PTZ Cameras, two Yealink MSpeaker Soundbars, and three ceiling microphones.  

PTZ Cameras have an internal lens that can be remotely adjusted to zoom in, pan, and tilt to view an object or persons and in this case, the presence of two cameras ensures that the presenter can be seen by all at all times, even if others are speaking.  

The Yealink MVC940 offers instant access to MS Teams Calls and enables users to wirelessly screen share to all participants on a call with the use of a wireless dongle with one click to share content.   

High-quality audio is delivered via two Yealink MSpeaker soundbars and three ceiling microphones were installed to ensure communication is clear throughout the large training room.  

Boardroom & smaller meeting rooms 

The 86” Newline Lyra screen was also the optimum solution for the Mitsubishi Electric Ireland boardroom enabling collaboration amongst teams as well as also installing a 75” Hisense screen to the front of the room.  

The 75” screen was paired with the Yealink MVC840 Microsoft Teams Solution, again enabling instant MS teams meetings, wireless presenting, 4k Camera, and MSpeaker II audio system.  

For the smaller meeting space, the 65” Newline Lyra Interactive screen was the appropriate fit and was coupled with the Yealink UVC40 all-in-one USB videoconferencing soundbar and AI-powered camera. This Yealink soundbar solution is a cost-effective BYOD solution enabling users to plug in their laptops and automatically share their screens as well as host MS teams meetings with remote users.   

Opting for the Newline Lyra means that all the Interactive screens in the building are uniform, resulting in the users having the same experience in all rooms. The inclusion of the Bring Your Own Device video conferencing soundbar means participants do not have to huddle around a computer screen for Teams or Zoom meetings in this room.  

Finally, we installed a 55” 4K Vestel screen in a standing meeting area and included all of the required cabling and connection points to make the space a viable option for small presentations.  

Our relationship with Yealink and Newline meant we were able to directly involve them in the project both during the scoping phase and all project meetings with Mitsubishi Electric Ireland. This approach enabled us to tailor a solution that was specific to Mitsubishi Electric Ireland and its own specific requirements.  

During this project, we assisted Mitsubishi Electric Ireland in the removal and repackaging of the old screens, which were still in perfect order and were donated to local schools. 

The project ended with Mitsubishi Electric Ireland having state-of-the-art Audio Visual equipment in the main training room, boardroom, and a small meeting room. This means that they can have video conferencing calls in the training room where the external participants are visible on one screen and a presentation is visible on a second screen to all participants, including remote users. 

Teams can collaborate regardless of location with seamless, one-click meetings through Microsoft teams without difficulty using this new technology in their meeting spaces also. The wireless presentation POD means that anyone within the room can now present to the screens effortlessly.  

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