Hybrid Working – When A Home Office Is An Extension of Your Work Place

Remote is here to stay, in one form or another. 

Overnight, we learned to adapt to working from the kitchen table and the initial assumption was that remote working would be temporary. 

It quickly became apparent that remote working is here to stay, with the planned reopening of our workplaces in September and a road map from the Government centered around Making Remote Work , a hybrid workforce became the goal. 

For many, the requirements of the pandemic led them to reconsider the balance they were seeking to achieve in their life.  Many abandoned urban lifestyles, instead opting for rural locations, early morning coastal walks, lunch breaks with a view, and being able to really decompress in their downtime. The impact on their work was more than positive.


On our own doorstep,  Operate Remote has been working with companies like yours, empowering them to reach the endpoint of having a productive, highly functional, effective, and engaged workforce, regardless of locations and one that they can scale well into the future, with confidence. Abodoo built its business (pre-pandemic) around recruitment of remotely based professionals, thus allowing businesses to search far and wide for the right candidate. 


Whilst remote working has been a huge success for many, the impact of change cannot be ignored.  Part of that is learning how to adapt to working from home, but a large factor is where you are working when at home. 

It didn’t take long for people to understand that sitting at their kitchen table or precariously balancing their laptop is not sustainable and definitely not good for physical or mental health. It can severely impact productivity, increase stress and diminish job satisfaction as a result. 

For years, ergonomics in the workplace has been commonplace and the successful implementation of what is essentially fitting the task to the worker minimises health impacts such as discomfort, fatigue, and injury.   Working from home without properly assessed desks, task seating and lighting has seen an increase in workplace stress and discomfort emanating from the absence of ergonomics and the prominence of the kitchen table.  Fit for purpose is the key here.

As a business, there is no doubt that you invest time, energy, and budget into ensuring your workplace is positioned to work productively, successfully,  efficiently, and with consideration for employees at the heart of it.  It is important to now recognise the home office as an extension of your workplace

A key element of our work with our clients is assisting them in creating a safe and workable solution for those who work from home, in full or in part.  We have been working closely with companies, creating #WFH furniture bundles for their employees, offering tailored solutions, designed to meet your specific requirements across a variety of products and budgets. 

Our consultations will help you define what steps you would like to take and crucially, we can arrange a virtual ergonomic assessment with each member of your team and deliver their furniture, directly to their door.

Our showroom in Sandyford is home to an extensive display of working from home options ranging in terms of size, design, and functionality. 

The future is hybrid and for the hybrid to succeed, it is important that you arm yourself with the best knowledge, expertise, solutions, and furniture to ensure that you set the bar in terms of success for your company, now and in the future. 


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