February 5, 2024

Why are companies investing in privacy booths?

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The evolution of modern workplaces is something we often reflect on here at Bizquip. We will be 40 years in business next year, and as workplace specialists, our team have seen such significant changes in workplace design and office environments over the past 40 years. We are lucky to have an experienced and knowledgeable team here at Bizquip, almost half of whom have worked with us for over +20 years.

Having reflected on the latest trends in the modern workplace over the past few weeks, we are all in agreement that privacy booths remain in strong demand. Originally, they grew in popularity pre-pandemic, mainly as companies adopted an open office layout, noise and lack of concentration came to the fore as two key concerns for companies. Couple this with the insurgence of remote working and hybrid models now the norm, privacy booths remain in demand as they offer employees a quiet and private space for concentration, focus and confidential conversations.

The key reasons why companies are investing in privacy booths include:

Flexibility: Privacy booths allow for flexibility, ideal for private conversations, hybrid meetings or brainstorming sessions, if a larger booth is available. Our team of Fitters can relocate the booths for you as required, they are typically modular units so can be re-assembled in alternative spaces as needed. There is a great range of variety available to accommodate the various booth requirements. Did you know that over 80% of office meetings host an average of 4 people? The Maggie Q from Framery is a very popular solution for this reason. Both privacy pods and privacy booths offer sound absorbency, ventilation, a motion sensor to activate lighting, air con and a range of furniture features that can be tailored to your specific requirements.  

Privacy & focus: Sound disruptions and distractions in the office have an immediate impact on our ability to function and are a very common concern for our clients. Privacy booths enable concentration through their acoustic performance, giving people the comfort and confidence to participate in a confidential meeting, phone call or focus on a task that requires minimal interruption. Privacy booths are often considered “do not disturb” areas in an office.

Space utilisation: Privacy booths are compact, for example the 4-person Maggie Q by Framery has a footprint of 220cm x 120cm. They can be placed directly next to workstations without the worry about being overheard. As such, they are an efficient use of space, accommodating a variety of work styles and preferences.

Cost: Privacy booths are a more cost-effective alternative to dedicated meeting rooms with glazed partitions. They typically tend to be mobile so can be moved to alternative locations in future, if required. Typical features also include automatic ventilation, motion sensor to activate lighting and integrated power outlets and personal device charging units.

Privacy booths have become the norm in modern workplaces. They play a crucial role in creating efficient and productive work environments in a hybrid work setting, catering to the ever-evolving needs of employees and companies alike.

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