Sustainability in commercial interiors, it is more than the fabrics used

There is a lot of fast in the world we are living in today, fast fashion, fast consumerism, fast delivery – the need for instant is all around us. A downside of the need for instant is its impact on the environment.

We don’t view sustainability as a token gesture, it is an approach that we believe in, in every aspect of our business.

We are delighted that many of our furniture manufacturers also have a very strong commitment to sustainability in how they operate, manufacture, and design. Be that across their production facilities, in the use of sustainable materials, reusing materials that would otherwise have polluted our seas, and creating designs that can be adapted and repurposed throughout their long-life cycle. The majority are paving the way for sustainability in furniture manufacture design and in how furniture is used.  For many, it is the foundation on which their business is built.

Commercial interiors are driven by design, the functional requirements of the business, and a representation of a company’s culture. It too can be fast, but we are grateful for the many options that are the complete opposite.

This approach is purposefully designed to counter the ‘fast’ world we live in.

When our clients spend a lot of time, money, and effort on furnishing their workspace, the last thing they want to do is repeat the process because furniture didn’t stand the test of time or has dated too quickly.

It goes without saying that commercial furniture, by its nature is designed to withstand the test of time in a busy commercial environment. But what about enduring the changes in trends?

We work with companies like Softline furniture because not only are their furniture designs stunning, they have a range of break out seating with removable covers so that you can replace the cover and keep the furniture piece such as a sofa or armchair, injecting fresh colour and texture after a period of time without having to replace the seating with something new.

Another wonderful example of sustainability in commercial interiors addressing the urgent needs of the world around us is The Smart Ocean chair by Humanscale.  This is the embodiment of their commitment to sustainable manufacturing and incorporates almost 2 pounds of recycled fishing net. It is ‘red list’ free meaning it is made with non-toxic materials and is manufactured in a factory that uses only 100% rainwater for production. The Smart Ocean chair is only 1 of Humanscale’s 26 ‘Net Positive’ products – meaning each of the 26 products is certified climate, energy, and water positive.

Environmental protection and a robust policy around sustainability is core to the DNA of Actiu – this Spanish company has a long and rich history in furniture design and manufacture and for over 50 years, they have viewed their commitment to sustainability and environmentally led processes as an obligation, but one that does not compromise the comfort and ergonomics of our their designs.  From its processes to its facilities and products, this sustainable focus and attention to detail have resulted in the minimised use of materials, limiting their impact on the environment and fostering an ethos of reuse and recycling, in the interests of… the circular economy.

A great example is their Arkitek collection, sharing a technical and artistic concept with architecture. The organic shape of its sturdy structure is made entirely of 100% recycled aluminium from the automobile industry. The tabletops are made from 19mm melamine that has 0% formaldehyde and are FSC certified. This range is made up of 77.47% recycled materials and at the end of its use, its components are 98.54% recyclable.

Actiu really understands the need for quality and durability to coexist without compromise to aesthetics.

These are only three examples of furniture designers and manufacturers that we partner with who have achieved a wonderful marriage between design-led furniture manufacturing and sustainability in their business. Resulting in furniture that is stunning and not only is guaranteed to last beyond fast but is also saving our environment through their practices and approaches.




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