Creating a Smart Workplace With a Blend of Technologies and Office Interiors

An ongoing topic we cover is how companies can implement various technologies to facilitate the return to the workplace as per the Government’s recently launched plan, due to commence in phased stages from September 20th.  The Government roadmap asks that employers ensure that physical distancing is adhered to by using free office space “as much as is reasonably practicable” and organising workers “into teams or pods who consistently work and take breaks together”.

A blended workplace is strongly recommended where possible as the country begins to make the staggered return to the office.

So, what does this mean for you?

A common misconception is that adapting the workplace to facilitate a safe environment and a blended approach comes at a significant cost, thankfully, this is not the case. Bizquip partner with a wide range of solutions providers meaning we can customise solutions to fit the needs of your company. Our specialists will identify key requirements, operational needs and of course, budgets.

We understand that one size does not fit all which is why we work with multiple venders which can suit the requirements for SME right up to global enterprise clients.

Collaborative tools for a hybrid workforce.

In recent months, we have worked closely with companies of many sizes with many objectives. The most common and easily adaptable solution is through the implementation of audiovisual and video conferencing technologies.  Collaboration and AV Solutions such as video conferencing systems, soundbars, Interactive screens, and collaborative tools enable teams to work effectively with one another regardless of their location.

With one client, in particular, anticipating that approximately 60% will be on-site at any one time, Bizquip worked closely with the team to create 12 new collaboration spaces to replace desking that would not be used. This now means that employees can utilise technology to work with their colleagues seamlessly just as if they were working together in person.

Space and Desk Management Solutions

Implementing a hybrid office environment does have its challenges from a management perspective.  Bizquip is working with a number of clients to implement our desk and meeting room booking management solution, which removes time-consuming manual processes around utilising office capacity by implementing a simple and intuitive booking system. Ideal for both your return-to-work strategy or a longer-term solution to maximise your building use and office space.

Easy to use, accessed via an app or computer, not only can you seamlessly manage your occupancy avoiding over-occupancy and double bookings, but you can also manage your cleaning and hygiene-related tasks in a very efficient manner.

How Is your Office Space working for you now?

The reduction of full-time on-site employees enables the opportunity to reimagine your floor space and achieve new goals in how your office operates, thus impacting how your business succeeds.

Companies who may have been previously restricted in reimagining their existing space due to staff numbers or capacity issues can now take a new view of how best to utilise their existing workspace to facilitate a safe and more collaborative working environment.

For many clients, the real win has been in the combination of smart office technologies along with the revision of how the office floor is utilised.  The upgrade of the more traditional layout has seen many redesign how their office space was used, opting for more open-plan huddle spaces and meeting pods in conjunction with hot desk and flexible desk options – all of which can be monitored by sensors.

Implementing sensors can give your facilities/management teams real-time data in how your office is used, allowing for long-term planning to maximize every inch of space and future planning.

Reimagining your office to enable your team to return to work with safety and flexibility in mind, ensuring it is ‘business as usual’ has never been so easy with the help of our specialist team here at Bizquip.  We are on hand to take the navigation out of your journey and instead provide you with your solution – getting you to where you want to be.

Find out how we can improve your workplace.

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