How office interior design is delivering for a hybrid workplace

For many of our clients and indeed the global business community, the recent prolonged absence from the workplace and the opportunities that retaining a working from home policy presented, led them to assess or rather reassess their offices, and reconsider the ways their organisations operate. This resulted in a large-scale shift from office-based work to hybrid ways of working.

From the perspective of space, business owners and key stakeholders are now asking themselves key questions such as:

  • How are we currently using the office space?
  • How can we use the space more effectively?
  • What do we need to do to address the needs of our new hybrid workforce?
  • What are others doing?

And crucially,

  • If we invest in our hybrid workforce, how will a hybrid way of working impact our business, now and in the future?

There is no shortage of evidence to demonstrate that a hybrid way of working offers countless benefits to a company directly and indirectly and just as importantly, to their employees.  It doesn’t take an expert to understand that happiness, health, and the welfare of one’s employees has a direct impact on a business’s performance.

In the past, we have spoken in more detail of the specific benefits of a hybrid way of working, but today, we will recap:

  • Improved Employee Well-being
  • Reduced commuting hours offer time, health, and cost benefits
  • Improved Productivity
  • Improved Retention Rates
  • Bigger Talent Pool
  • Ability to Grow Headcount Without Added Space Costs
  • Environmental benefits from community to global level

So now that we have reaffirmed the win-win of the hybrid way of working, what are some of the steps that can be taken to help you on your hybrid journey?  What reconfiguration should you consider? What furniture and technical solutions are designed with hybrid in mind?

Where do your priorities lie?

Uniting your team

If we were to prioritise for you, unity is key. Uniting your team, regardless of their location and to do this, to ensure seamless communication whether your people are in Dublin or Doolin, you need seamless communication tools.

Video conferencing and audio conferencing tools are wide and varied which is great, because so are the needs of each business.  What is common amongst our range of AV and VC solutions is the absolute ease of installation – from simple plug and play for smaller rooms, huddle spaces and mobile functionality, to more considered applications for larger meeting spaces and conferencing suites.

Wireless presentation systems enable users to easily share content with one click from any device to any video conferencing or collaboration screen across multiple locations.

When coupled with additional VC technologies such as interactive whiteboards and screens, video conferencing immediately becomes more efficient through real-time content sharing – eliminating the need for handwritten notes or endless printed copies of presentations.

Collaboration Spaces

Your team is now united in person and via technology, and many enterprises are shifting from boardrooms to stimulating collaborative workspaces, complete with the latest hardware and software technology.

Collaborative tables add to the positive team dynamic. Gathering your finest around a table to share ideas, plan strategies and solve problems without the formalities associated with meetings.  Let the creative juices flow without perceived constraints.

Did you know that many people feel intimidated in a formal meeting setting and are less inclined to feel comfortable enough to fully participate in the meeting, despite their want to do so?

Collaboration spaces are designed to be relaxed, informal, functional, and flexible and that is why the range of collaboration tables in the Talent range, by our friends in Actiu are a huge hit.  This collection of tables comes in a variety of styles and sizes with options that include castor bases for mobility, folding for ease of storage if not in use and to move out of the way to create a multi-functional space, flexibility of use to re-configure the layouts to adapt to ever-evolving needs, and height adjustable for those days that you just don’t want to sit down !

Privacy Options

We are not about to contradict ourselves by following a conversation around collaboration with an introduction to privacy.  In truth, the two go hand in hand.

Privacy isn’t just about confidential meetings or private phone calls; it is also about the need for quiet time, focused concentration to meet that deadline and to ensure a complete lack of intrusion.   Workplace privacy used to be the boardroom if it was free, or the coffee shop down the road, out with the old and in with the new as they say !

Privacy options in commercial furniture are not new per se, but with the rise in open plan offices, collaboration spaces and hybrid functionality of an office, they are certainly coming to the fore.

Did you know that over 80% of office meetings host an average of 4 people?

Privacy booths from our manufacturer Framery are a fantastic addition to any workplace and available in sizes that accommodate from 1 – 6 people.  The fact that you can completely design the interior of your own booth is what makes it a huge draw – tables, stools, benches, chairs, and the ability to integrate your office technology including room booking solutions and AV/VC requirements.

Privacy, luxury, technology, and comfort in equal measures. 


Flexibility in your hybrid office really is key to success. If your team will ebb and flow, so must your office.  The Twist Video Conference Table is an excellent addition to any office.

We love furniture design that is ahead of its time and solves problems at the same time as being beautiful in design.

The Twist Conference is a table with technology, an integrated digital screen for video conferencing and collaboration and brought to life with any of our video conferencing solutions such as the clever plug and play Yealink range.

The Twist can seat up to 6 people very comfortably indeed is quite compact and perfect for any space, with two heights available to allow standard or stool height.

Our interiors and professional services teams are united in their work for companies like yours and have completed many projects that reconfigure an office to ensure optimal hybrid success.  To understand more, speak about recent case studies or identify what we can do for you, reach out to us today on 01 217 8000 or drop us a line via

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